Chirps and Derps

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  • So it begins

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  • cute.

  • Eggs or nuggets?

  • Whichever came first I guess

  • At this point they’re of the friend variety. Have some polish chicks coming in about a week. We will get some eggs in the fall, probably enough for our own use.

  • We’ve built a little chirp play ground.

    And my three year old daughter has named them:
    And Chip

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  • Chip was a bit lethargic, some sugar water and cuddles and she cheered right up!

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  • Dorbs

  • And today we taught the kids about death

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  • rip.

  • Aww naww, that's a shame - we've got 2 frizzles my neighbour gave us last year & I was contemplating trying to hatch one or two more, they're just back from nursery & had a lovely time pecking 3 year olds 😂

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  • Handsome frizzles!

  • Warranty Chip!

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  • Have some polish chicks coming in about a week

    careful, the NCA probably search forums for this sort of phrases

  • Cheers, they're funny to watch tearing the garden apart - eggs are ping pong ball sized but mainly yolk, bright orange loveliness - my 4 year old won't eat eggs from the shop anymore, chooks went on strike over winter & there were tears when we tried to give her poxy old organic free range ones from the shops

  • So one of my little ladies is in fact a little lad.

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  • Bonus - unlimited future chickens!

    Every now & again my neighbour's chooks manage to hide an egg & a new chicken appears, he's lost count how many there are I think

  • So this morning my wife tells me that she plans on letting the chicks outside. Our chicken coop is like half done, I have tomorrow off and plan on finishing it. She said that she’ll put them in side the baby play area and put a cover on it. I tell her that’s not enough, they can’t be left like that. She yells at me and tells me I’m being unsupportive.

    I just came home to 2 crying kids who’ve just watched a fox kill a hen and our rooster. I’m so fucking pissed.

    This guy is still prowling around.

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  • Bugger, hopefully lesson learned.

  • She yells at me and tells me I’m being unsupportive.

    I just came home to 2 crying kids who’ve just watched a fox kill a hen and our rooster

    Very sorry to hear about the birds but I can’t help thinking you’ve gained a bit of leverage in your marriage forever. Possibly a naive thought.

    Edit: a mate of ours has had all his hens killed by foxes twice, despite having built a rather serious enclosure with the fence dug into the ground etc.

  • This thread has been a rollercoaster of emotions so far. Sorry to hear @Eeyorecore.

  • So we got another 4 derps to replace the two that we lost.

    1. Kate (Moss) new chick
    2. Anna, who Poppy calls Momma Chirp
    3. Cindy, new chick
    4. Hilda (#2), new chick
    5. Blue, new chick
    6. Chip is not pictured

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  • look at that smug face

  • Mine or the chirps?

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Chirps and Derps

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