• Another hit-and-run. Glad the driver's been found.

    I didn't see any reporting of the other deaths mentioned in this article, and I don't think we have threads about them. I'll have a look to see what I can find. It has been my impression since last year that the Standard coverage has become a lot more patchy. It used to be quite reliable. While I don't like reading about deaths any more than anyone else, if they don't get reported, the issues don't get addressed.

    RIP victim.

    The death comes just months after a male cyclist died in a collision involving another HGV at the junction of the A13 and Marsh Way on January 14.

    In a separate incident just five days later, a man in his late 20s was killed in crash involving a lorry on Fairview Industrial Park, off Barlow Way, Rainham.

    A male cyclist aged 65 died in collision with a van on March 9 on Bourne Road in Bexley.

    @Velocio --black logo time, sadly.

    Also, @omash27, you might want to edit the last line of your post.

  • "HGVs were involved in 15 per cent of fatal crashes in the capital between 2018 and 2020, despite making up just three per cent of vehicle traffic, according to TfL.

    This includes 41 per cent of collisions where a cyclist was killed, and 19 per cent of those with a pedestrian fatality."


  • This is the scene of the crash:


    No details on what exactly happened.

    It's depressing to suddenly find out that four people have already been killed cycling this year.

    Most of the HGV fatalities from the London construction boom 10+ years ago were in Central and Inner London (and the percentage of fatal cyclist crashes involving HGVs was significantly higher than 41%), and all the crashes that have happened so far are further out. I suppose Harlesden still counts as Inner London, but it's quite a long way west. The A404 High Street is the continuation of the A404 Harrow Road, of course.

    In the pandemic, given much higher activity levels away from Central London, you would expect more crashes to occur elsewhere, but it's still exceptionally bad news. I wonder if the inquests will be reported on.

  • Horrible. RIP rider and love to their family

  • Oh no :( This one has struck home hard. That is a junction I have used so regularly, often on the way home from Wests...
    I'm curious as to direction of travel etc. Who knows if any more details are released.

    Rest in peace

  • DAMN... I was happy in the knowlege not seeing the black luffguss. this is saddening.

    Rest in peace rider.

  • That junction is on my commute, I hate it, it's two lanes but drivers will fit in both to go straight ahead and treat it like a drag race and there's almost always an HGV of some kind half way in to the second lane. Also you've just come up the bridge so you're going slow but there isn't any spare space and if you take the full lane drivers will buzz your shoulder.

    RIP unknown man, it doesn't have to be this way.

  • Most of the HGV fatalities from the London construction boom 10+ years ago were in Central and Inner London

    There are huge developments near Willesden at the moment. The new Old Oak Station and HS2 work is on the scale of the Paddington Basin development. Hence lots of HGVs.

    The lack of reporting of these deaths is terrible.

    Rip rider.

  • You're right to remind us of the construction in the area. I wonder if any such connection will be reported.

    It's especially distressing as the Direct Vision Standard came in on the 1st March:


    If there are follow-up stories, there may be information on how this vehicle was equipped.

  • Having just said that, here's the first follow-up story. RIP Michael Stapleton.


    The driver doesn't seem to have been arrested yet, and there's no information on the lorry.

    The Standard has this story tagged under 'Crime', whereas the first one was under 'London'.

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2021-03-16 - Rider down/Fatality, Willesden Junction

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