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  • Hello,

    I just got my hands on a Ti frame aimed at "gravel" with a beefy 44mm (internal) head tube. I'm now looking for a fork with mounts. Considering i'd rather avoid carbon and i'm not wealthy enough to go full Ti, are there any steel options that would suit this kind of headtube (i mean avoiding the ugly-ish fat headtube / slim fork combo) ?


  • i'd rather avoid carbon

    y tho

  • Fyxation Sparta All Road, £300

  • Oh ! Many reasons ranging from the way it's made to it's questionable longevity, but the main one is that i intend to use that bike without worrying too much about scratches and marks...
    I know there's a passionate debate about carbon, and i won't try to convince anyone that one material is superior to others, but that's just my taste :)

  • I know ! And the one you mentioned may not even have a head tube as large as mine...

  • Thanks. This one has carbon legs though... but it would certainly look cooler than a slim steel one.

  • Why scared of carbon? It’s dope.

  • Ora Titanium Cyclocross 700c Disc Fork?

  • You will have sold the bike before the fork dies. All components are liable to scratches. Just buy a carbon fork

  • Is fear of carbon the cycling equivalent to antivaxers?

  • Yeah, don't do it. @pifko linked my bike (with a 1 1/8th headtube) and I'm glad I gave it a go but it wasn't worth it. Rode great but looked crap. Get a carbon fork.

    Here's another example where it looks shite:

  • I mean it gets said a lot in these types of discussions but people literally ride carbon mountain bikes off cliffs and shit.
    It’s plenty tough enough

  • I like that!

  • What if they don't want to use soot?

    We all know steel is real and the best. With 531 being the bestest.

    Mind you, I don't trust titanium frames as after seeing titanium welded for the aeroplane bits. Also is the cycle tubing still aero fuel pipe?

  • Something to be said about how shite carbon is for the planet compared to metals maybe.

  • Sorry i didn't want to sparkle that carbon debate :)

    @r.hobbs : not really scared, rather willing to go for an alternative. Thanks ! The Oria looks cool but doesn't have mounts unfortunately
    @dancing james : you may be right, that headtube thickness is already getting on my nerves :) Good one !
    @JB ahahahah I cannot disagree ! Still, a good riding bike is better than a good looking bike in my book :)
    @PhilDAS you're totally right but on the other hand it is also the norm in some cycling circles to buy a new bike every two seasons, not something i'm into very much.
    @lynx I don't know what's best to be honest, but yes my 531 frameset is still going strong 30+ years after it was welded.
    @psg1ben that's a good point ! Some brands even refuse to build carbon frames (a little hypocritical to some extent perhaps but still...)

  • ^ sick taggng post, and dead polite!

  • Ahahahaha thanks... i'm starting to realize i may have bought a bike that's a little too modern for my standards. I will either build it ugly on the front, or go modern and enjoy it anyway !

  • photo of said frame?

  • @CoconutCrab Sure there can be potential hidden flaws in forks of any material but why trust one over the other?
    Carbon isn't inherently flawed IMO. Once you've sawn through a dozen or so carbon steerer tubes you'll soon realise just how tough it is!
    Also, watch the youtube videos of people trying to destroy carbon forks with hammers and you may well learn to trust it fairly quickly....

  • Not on hand, but it's a 2019 Planet X Tempest like this one­tempest-long-term-review/

  • Hot take of the day: there is no such thing as a good steel disc fork. You need big tubes to deal with the disc but then it's heavy and lacks compliance. And it will probably flex under braking anyway so basically what was the point.

  • surly forks seem to work just fine...

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Fork style advice

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