The Campagnolo Thread

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  • You need to be a bit careful with what lube you spray into Veloce shifter bodies, in Veloces Campag swapped traditional metal ratchets for plastic vinyl which are weak and are now known to fail. I had a set fail. Progress eh?

    Apparently avoid spraying things like WD40 in there as it degrades the plastic...

  • Looks like a spring has snapped, new shifter body time.

  • This would be a very interesting standalone thread

  • Is this a pre 2015 rear derailleur model?

    And if not, does anyone know if it's compatible with pre 2015 11-speed shifters? TIA.

  • I need to replace a Campagnolo freehub and axle on a set of carbon Fulcrum Racing Light's. Because of the age, it's going to cost £150 for the parts to be ordered in. Apparently this is uneconomical to repair as the braking surface of the wheels hasn't got that much life left either (but I thought it was fine).

    And it got me thinking that all three of my bikes have Campagnolo 10 speed on them in Record or Chorus configurations and I've a load of spares. I don't think there's any 10 speed left in the Campy range now, it looks like it's all been discontinued. So, is it worth getting rid of what I've got and putting on newer group sets?

  • It's always easy to justify bike spending. Saving on travel. Health benefits. Enjoyment. Uneconomical repairs etc...

    Go for it!

  • This was released 2015, won't work with earlier shifters.

  • @Muppetteer I've got a campagfree hub off some fulcrum 5s. Not sure if it will fit your Racing Lights but if it will you can have it for cheap if it helps you, it's just sat in the loft...

  • @jeff80 That would be great. Big question though, what's the best way to find out if it fits?

  • no idea to be honest, it came spare with a set of fulcrum 5s I had when I ran shimano a bike. It's in it's box I think, so I'll have a look tomorrow and see if it says on that for a start. What year are your Racing Lights?

  • . Firefox image upload doesn't seem to work. Was gonna post some pics of my new ekar group and associated tools (13s chain tool, etc) but can't get it to work. Will post some build pics when my hunt wheels finally arrive.

  • Just taken delivery of Ekar myself; will be going on the groad/n=1 when the frame arrives. 40 and 10-44 off road will be a welcome change from 50/34 and 11-32!

  • @RecoveryRide @timmah! please could I ask where you got your Ekar from? I am planning a gravel bike build for my dad and would love to convert him to Campagnolo, but I had thought that new groupsets were impossible to find...

  • @DrDave I got mine from Malcolm at the cycle clinic. I have a feeling I had his last one, but he may have more.

    But... Merlin have it­ekar-gravel-groupset-13-speed-217355.htm­l?utm_source=PHG&utm_medium=AffiliateMar­keting&utm_campaign=phg-GB&ucpo=134858&s­ource=PHG

    And from a quick squiz round it's possible to source all the parts if you don't mind using more than 1 retailer.

  • Thank you, really good to know. Can’t believe I forgot to check Merlin...

  • I got mine from bike24. Couldn't find a 38t chainring though, I will also have a 40t with 10-44.

  • Thanks. Looks like bike24 are shipping to the UK again anyway!

  • That's handy to know! Their stock is always extensive, but have their prices gone up because Brexit?

  • I don’t know if their prices have changed but there were a few months that they wouldn’t ship to the UK (also because of brexit)

  • I've got 38t coming with mine when my mason bokeh arrives in June. Not sure if I should have gone for 40t though.

  • Depends how much you'll be riding it on road and on the cassette, I guess. 38-9 is still 4.2, which is a bit harder than 50-12, so if you were riding a road compact you've (not quite) lost your top gear, but not much else. If you don't mind freewheeling at >50kph and weren't planning on a very fast group road ride, I can't see there being an issue.

    I'm running 2 wheelsets and will have the 40T upfront (largely because that's what I could get). Am putting a 9-36 cassette on the road wheels and 10-44 on the gravel ones, as - according to Malcolm - Ekar will allow me to do that without changing chain length. I'm hoping that will cover all the bases.

  • Any recommendations for replacement chainrings for campag 5 arm cranks, specifically 2011-14 SR 110bcd?

    The TA Nerius looks decent from a search

  • I've used TA rings a few times, they work fine and are lasting well.

  • .

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The Campagnolo Thread

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