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  • Anyone know anything about the BB-System shifters? i.e. will they work with standard derailleurs? I can't think why they wouldn't, but you never know with Campagnolo, do you?

  • What do you mean by "standard" ?

  • The stuff I currently have on my bike, i.e. 10-speed Centaur front derailleur and Veloce 9-speed rear. Which is currently paired with Mirage Ergopower shifters. I guess I'm asking whether BB System shifters have their own special groupset bits I'm yet to discover or whether I can just swap them as like for like.

  • No it should all be compatible from what i've tested and set up in the past.

  • Thought I'd post here rather than the ebay finds thread, a seller (who's moved on from pottery) to splitting a Super Record RS groupset. Prices on the strong side mind:

  • Ah cool. Thanks. Good to know, although I went for a different set of shifters instead in the end.

  • I did hear the new final destination 6 film was in pre-production

  • Ok thats kind of tight, how good is it going up and down the sprockets ?

  • Looks fine in the video.

  • I’ve only done it by hand pulling on the cable so far, but it seems to work.

    Going to cable everything up and take it for a spin this weekend.

  • Im surprised that with such a small smace between the jockeys that its as smooth as it is.
    But a cool little hack to keep it oem almost.

  • Was that inspired by this, perhaps...?


  • have not seen that one, is there a link to more info?

  • Here's another pic...

    I originally bought these narrow/wide pulleys off eBay to go in a Red RD, which they did without modification. Not so with the Dura-Ace cage; had to carve away half that back pin and totally shaved the other one. No need to touch the carbon though.

    The barest gap between the pulleys, in both cages. Looks pretty cool, I reckon - better than those long aftermarket ones. Still requires a few more links of chain, adding to chain life (probably the biggest actual benefit of OSPWs).

    Also, I'm pretty sure the narrow/wide pulleys actually shift better than ye olde Centeron-G upper pulley with the lateral float, at least with Di2...

    It's interesting to ponder how such different pulley geometry might hold the chain differently, but short of simulation or rigorous experimentation there's only seat of the pants for answers.

    Oh yeah - to anyone contemplating aftermarket pulleys, steer away from the metal ones unless you like drivetrain noise; I learnt that one back in the 90s.

  • Hey people !
    Absolute greeny here (Campag & cycling in general) so apologies in advance, hoping to hear anyone's thoughts and possibly get some advice on this crankset I picked up recently. The box label reads 'Record carbon 10s crankset 175mm 39-53'.

    I bought it in the view to throwing it on and using it, but am beginning to have second thoughts as it seems to be fairly difficult to get hold of these from brief research.

    Have I accidentally bought a collectors piece that I now have to frame and mount on my wall ?

    Any thoughts/Qs welcome,
    best !

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  • Depends on what you paid for it?

  • Look on Ebay for a few weeks and you will get an idea of what they sell for.
    I think the ones with the weave showing were only made for one year.

  • That looks very special , and will surely go for good money to a collector . Where did you find it may we ask :)

  • Thanks for the interest !

    I paid £250 flat for it about a month ago, from an extremely generous ex-pro who i bought a bike from a few weeks before that.

    It is a beautiful thing, would I be right in thinking it makes up the set with the deraileur below?

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  • I'm no expert, but quite possibly. Shame about the clearcoat on the RD, but that crankset is NOS! 250 quid probably a rather good price, I'd guess

  • 250 is probably a realistic market value for a boxed fresh (although some grease on the axe and threads means its probably been used or at least installed once or twice.)
    Sure on ebay there are some for higher prices but they often stay up for sale for quite a long time and i think the never really end up selling or only to very needy collectors who want that nos nib experience !

    They made this version early 2000s as Campagnolo transitioned to carbon parts for their groupsets. It was as @davidual says only made for 1 year so yes it is rather a rare piece and also hard to find in great condition such as yours.
    The only slight problem i've seen with these is that the pedal threading can come loose as they are aluminium inserts in the carbon. But not sure after how many miles/km.

    Lovely piece to have though !

  • The failures are probably brought on by salt. Coastal air can wreak havoc on carbon/ally gear

  • Ive seen them on a bunch of them often one side comes loose, from the way they loosen up i would think its more of a technical know how mixed with age.
    First seen in 2003 catalogue.

  • It's an electrochemical thing; ally and carbon are just bad to put next to each other, unfortunately. If electrons can move between the two materials, bad things happen at the interface.

    Manufacturers can mitigate against it, but I don't think they can entirely prevent it under all circumstances.

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The Campagnolo Thread

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