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  • 90s would be 9 speed if u want period correct ;)? Then the silver group to have would be chorus 9 speed in the 10s lever shape that came out in 99 (if menory serves)

    If not so fussy about years the centaur / athena 10s speed groups were both available in silver with ultra torque cranks.

  • I think 10 speed might be the sweet spot for looks / availability.

  • For sure regarding the availability but chorus 9 in 99 looks the same as 10s (levers) or a tad bit nicer with more classic cranks but yeah harder to find for decent price in good condition.

  • Depends on aesthetic you're going for. Only just seen you're looking, 9 speed groups tend to be cheaper to but as a group but come up less frequently. This finished yesterday­mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0­&ssspo=CM1wCsWNTru&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=n­X6awT--SqO&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media­=COPY

    10 speed is same look apart from later cranks, I would say to try and avoid power torque of you want to maintain at home.

    11 speed you can buy centaur, still in production. Potenza is nice as well, no longer in production but can pick up secondhand. All the 11 speed stuff has black plastic in it as well, so less of a classic look.

    This athena group and wheels look in good condition and a bargain, would suit a 90's build to a t.­m/842286470525205/?ref=facebook_story_sh­are

  • I'd suggest going 11 speed. It's easier to find medium cage mechs and cassettes with larger cogs so that you can get decent gearing ranges, and you can use SRAM/Shimano wheelsets if you want.

  • Yo the campy community.
    I've just rebuilt a right side 10s lever. But the thumb lever isnt working.
    I can climb gears but the mecanism to go back down the gears isnt working, its not springing back into place.

    Any ideas on whats wrong ?
    I followed the campy tutorials but not sure whats not working.

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  • Update. I think i fixed it only cabling it up will tell.

  • Ah I'm pretty sure you've identified it. They'll only shift up without a cable installed from memory, I had the same panic when I bought shifters and tested them prior to fitting

  • Yey i took it to pieces and put it back together, checked all the springs etc.
    I prefere the older generation mecanism but i got a bag of bits which were good for one lever so i managed to get something out of it at least !
    Will test it and see how it goes

  • Long enough rear derailleur cable? Merlin/campagnolo didn't leave me enough cable for for the front lever to frame, and frame to rear mech.
    Also missing the grommet for the rear mech cable stop.

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  • Looks adequate to me. Are you experiencing issues with rear mech shifts?

  • Not built it yet, just don't want to cut cables too short and screw myself over!

  • The fun continues: i'm trying to sort out the front derailleur whilst i wait for some hardwear for the rear to turn up.

    For some reason, the left hand shifter won't 'click' when i change up into the big ring. It'll pull the cable, and move the front mech cage as if to move the chain onto the big chain ring, but it doesn't 'click' into place, the mech just falls back down to the inner ring. Even without tension on the cable i'm unable to click into the big ring. Any ideas?

  • Do you have the hoods on the brifters rolled forward ready to tape the bars? A friend of mine was trying to set up his shifting with his hoods like this, it interfered with the shift paddles and drove him to the verge of insanity because he couldn’t get things indexed properly, rolled the hoods back and everything worked fine. Just a suggestion

  • If the front derailleur limit screw is set before the shifter will engage and lock the "click" the shifter will only move the derailleur until its forced to stop by the limit screw and then fall back since its not enough to engage it to that possition. If thats the case you need to back out the limit screw on the front derailleur.

    If there is no tension on the cable why would it click into the big ring?

  • Sadly not! I've turned the shifters inwards slightly, didn't 0ut a ferrule on the brifter end of the cable, as YouTube suggests, and that's about it .

    I can move the lever inwards, but it doesn't click into place and just comes right back to where it starts.

  • Dissengage cable from front derailleur.

    Shift the lever whilst pulling the cable with your hand (providing resistance). Will it click and engage while "pulling" ?

    If it does not click and engage its faulty or something is interfering with the spring. If it does click then its okay.. Sometimes on 10s levers the hoods could interfere with shifts but that was usually when using the thumb button as i recall. Was easy fix just tuck the hood into possition again.

    Now if the lever does shift and click when u pull the wire by hand but its not enganging when installed on the front deraileur. See my post above on the limit screw..

  • No, not at all. It'll pull the cable, but won't click into place at all

    This is 12 speed chorus and is brand new out the box, so I'm hopeful isn't a fault. I've also just installed the cables and internal routing etc., So really hoping I don't have to redo that!

  • Its not unusual for a shifter to not engange if there is no resistance to the cable so i assume you mean you are pulling on the cable while shifting but it still wont click..

    Then you would need someone to look at it :/ try to make sure it still behaves the same with the hood off so you are certain its not some annoying easy fix..

  • I think you're right. I'm providing tension on the cable with my hand, but it's making no impact. The lever wont 'click' into place at all.

    Additionally, the thumb shifter isn't 'clicking' down, it travels about 1cm then seems to be blocked by something.

  • Are u sure u installed the cable properly?

    Take it out, click down with the thumb button all the way so u know you are at the "lowest gear" then reinstall cable again perhaps.

  • Brifters came with cables already installed, I just had to put the outers on. I'd have hoped they'd been installed correctly in the first place.

    Truth be told building this bike has been such a faff from the get go, Merlin sending the wrong parts etc., I can't quite be bothered to undo the bar tape and redo the cabling.
    I might admit defeat and take it to Condor on Monday.

  • Ah sorry to hear. I never heard of a campy shifter not working from factory b4 but that does not mean its never happened i suppose.

    Good luck hope it gets sorted.

  • Is the bolt on the back of the ratchet tightened sufficiently? I had this on 12sp Record, and that was the issue. Someone had obviously cocked up installing the cable,

  • Haven't checked, whereabouts is this bolt? I'll have a look tomorrow! I really hope that's the case

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The Campagnolo Thread

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