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  • Funny I thought to look there, checked velobase, which ends at 9 speed and thought that DG would be the same.

  • All the Shimergo people, I am about to try Campag Veloce 10spd shifter on a 1x set up with shimano 9spd rear mech because I found both an xtr 9spd rear mech (carbon) and the shifters cheap. Initial problem was I had to install an inline cable tensioner as the mech, unlike cheaper models, didnt have barrel tensioner. This is as far as I have got. This article­gnolo-ergopower-compatibility
    says it should work great and depends on the way you clamp down the cable at the mech. Am excited to get this going although having a fancy rear mech has made, and might make, things trickier than they need to be, any suggestions?

  • Interchangeable with other 10 speed derailleurs too, just like the 9s record titanium.

    I'm looking for a medium or large carbone cage for a 10s record while i'm here ;)

  • Fyi, Merlin Cycles have a good deal on at the mo where you can purchase all the Chorus groupset in parts (less brakes) for under £800

  • Thanks! I've just bought the chorus disk groupset from them. Snagged a pretty hefty discount as well.

  • It's indeed finicky, if you compare it with others. It does work really nice once you get it good, same as ekar

  • Ah! That's annoying. Any tips/common issues?

  • There's a long cage mech for sale here, but you might want to brace yourself! Can add two cheapo items to get 10% off at least

  • Campagnolo chorus disc set arrived from Merlin today. The shifters have come with full hydraulic hoses, but very very short shift cable outers. This will be for an internally routed frame, but I was always under the impression that shift cable outers ran the whole length of the inside of the frame. Or am I wrong on that, never done internal cabling before

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  • depends on the frame, some have stops (horrible) and cable runs inside the frame some have full outers, i dont doubt for one moment the cheapness of merlin or campagnolo though

  • Groupsets (nor complete cablesets) never come with full length outers IME.

  • Gotcha, thanks both. In that case think it's probably necessary to buy some cable outers from Condor or something.

    @amey can your eagle eyes spot whether the frame has stops or not? To me it looks like there's a cable stop before the outer enters the frame.

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  • most of these stops are customisable depending on groupset, you can have an option to run full outer

  • Awesome, thanks. I'll be picking the frame up from Condor so can quiz them on it and get any extras. Cheers

  • Happy to be corrected, but not sure there's a benefit to run full outers for internal routing as it'd be clunky as around the BB. You can run a liner (gear inner) and frames often come with them to help routing, or bare cables in the frame, and a section of liner on the front mech cable around the BB guide and frame exit hole to stop it rubbing excessively.

  • You only need cable housing for taking a cable around bends.
    Adding housing on a straight run (down the frame) will just add weight, friction, trap dirt and would be pretty unusual.

  • Full outers are very common on MTBs and CX bikes. Every break in the outer is another point for water and dirt ingress. I am a huge fan of full length outer cable and have drilled end stops before to facilitate it. Without a full outer, I had to recable my CX bikes twice a season, with a full outer the gear changes stay good for at least two seasons!

  • Running the cable liner from Nokon from shifter to derailleur makes cable replacement easy.

  • Groupset also arrived with two of the same callipers. Both are 160 rear callipers, is that deliberate? Do I just need an adaptor for the front?

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  • Maybe you can adapt a 140 to 160 but 160 direct mounted should be front specific, bolts go in the opposite way and thread in the frame

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  • Yeah, after looking with a fresh set of eyes, it looks like the right hand brake set they sent is for the international standard, not the UK standard. Very frustrating!

  • Hi all, looking for a recommendation for a silver Campag groupset to suit a 90s Binachi 603. Currently DT shifters but want brifters and to maintain the classic looks as best as possible. 10 or 11 speed, rim brake, silver.

    Any ideas?

  • Centaur was done in silver

  • That's the one, couldn't remember the name, I assume I'll need to look for NOS or good second hand.

  • Can buy new 11 speed:­mpagnolo-centaur-11-speed-silver-groupse­t

    Or various combos of 10 speed were silver and play nicely together (with the smaller, older style ergo levers). Believe Campagnolo started mixing cable pull on 11 speed new-style levers/models so check if you go that route

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The Campagnolo Thread

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