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  • I suppose youve done the usual things like applying good grease to the right surfaces. Where in the stroke is the creak happening? Are you using press fit or threaded bb? Is the wavy washer on correctly?

  • yeh grease in right places. Downstroke I guess when standing on the pedals it happens on point. Not so much / at all while in the saddle. Threaded bb. Yeh It seems to be installed correctly..

  • General views on 12 speed?

    Works pretty well — have 48/32 x 11–34 Chorus. 12V cassette fitted straight on to Record hubs. Levers very comfortable and easy to use. Was surprised to find brake shoes are Shimano-pattern though!

  • Anyone got a spare set of 11 speed shifters and a rear mech they’d sell me? I’ve put a wanted add out asking to trade an 11 speed di2 group for a Campagnolo carbon mechanical group - anyone here up for it? I don’t need cranks or brakes at the moment

  • Nothing wrong with the install ;)

    There are a bunch of different theories as to why and when this can happen. In the past I’ve hammered ultra torque bearings through flooded lanes where they’ve been submerged for some pretty long stretches of road (I’m not exaggerating) and they’ve still not creaked. Any bearings I’ve had that have creaked I’ve often found were silenced by some deftly deployed dry lube dripped between the crank arm and the cup.

  • Having a bit of an issue with the shifting on my Record 11s rear Mech-the chain is not meshing properly with the higher up (ie the one behind the mech itself) of the two jockey wheel in some higher gears (although not all)-it's missing this jockey and running alongside it so if I backpedal for any reason (such as stopped at lights etc) the chain catches and gets snarled up.

    Is this just a case of poor adjustment or another issue.? Anyone else experienced this?I can't seem to get the 'tuning' of the gears quite right on this set up so it runs smoothly on all and shifts to all the gears, but that could just be my own ineptitude....

  • Nothing wrong with the install ;)

    correct :) perfect install. i'll try lube before bike shop - thanks again :)

  • Nothing wrong with the install ;)

    correct :) perfect install. i'll try lube before bike shop - thanks again :)

  • Got the right pulley wheels? Installed in the right location and orientation? Is the chain correctly routed through the derailleur? If you look at the derailleur from behind, is the pulley wheel correctly aligned with the chain/cassette cog? Is the derailleur hanger correctly aligned/not bent?

  • everything seems fine, jockey wheels are correct and all installed/routed ok-except when I shift sometimes the derailleur seems to pull/hang inwards at at a very slight angle, as if it's only half completed the shift. I think this is because the chain is failing to mesh with the jockey wheel though, a sympton rather than the cause. If I over shift then shift back to the gear I want it seems to hang straight though. It's almost like it only half completes the shift sometimes.

  • Are they new bearings? That's the usual culprit in my experience on two bikes with UT cranks. Failing that, I'd look at pedal threads and CLEATS.

  • thanks! no - these bearings are OLD. I'll check the other two out.

  • Does anyone have an EPS interface unit V3 going spare?

  • My awesome power and speed cough, plus pothole, plus my fat arse, resulted in a snapped saddle/seatpost pin and snapped lower corner of the saddle supporting lower bracket on my Campag Record carbon seatpost.

    Can I buy spares of these parts? If so anyone know any part number or stockists, preferably in the UK?
    I have the upper saddle clamp:

    So I need the lower clamp which has a serrated undercarriage to mesh with the serrated bit on the top of this generation of carbon post:

    But I'm happy to buy both upper and lower clamps and pin if they available and they're sold together. I've had a brief google and scan on eBay, but can only see clamp spares for older generations of alu Campag seatposts. which won't fit.

    Parts available or unobtainium and I'm going to need a new seatpost?

  • I don't think that's the correct one, the bit underneath with the serrations doesn't look wide enough to fit on top of the post I have.

    If I don't find the answer over the weekend I'll ask Mercian next week, so thanks for the heads up.

    I think the earlier clamp versions were alu/silver but they later did black clamps but not sure if these were carbon or black alu, but I think they both had the same serrations, so either will fit.

  • Later posts had a finer 0.5mm pitch serration, you need the 1mm SP-RE102 by the looks of it. My search only turned up NOS for a cool 120$.

  • Thanks for the info and product code. I'll keep my eyes peeled but at that price for a small part I'm probably better of getting off a new post.

  • There's usually one or two on ebay depending what seat tube diameter you need.

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The Campagnolo Thread

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