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  • Thread for discussion on all matters Campagnolo.

  • Which is the best carbon seat post to match a 12 speed Record Groupset? Must be Italian and slender looking as going on a steel bike.

  • Its not aero

    You say it like that's a bad thing.

  • Not at all, I think they look great, and I expect the aero gains on a seat post in the real world to be negligible. Its just the 'slender' in the OP's statement made me think he was thinking along the lines of the older aero ones.

  • Good idea for a thread. I’m after a couple of dust caps for some Campagnolo Pista rear hubs if anyone has any or can point me in the right direction for some.

  • I'm thinking the Fizik 00 Cyrano might be the right mix of UD carbon, Italian, slender and overpriced. Matchy matchy on the saddle too.

  • It might be carbon, Italian, slender and overpriced, but if its got to be all those things, surely it should be hot too. And that is not imo.

    And this is a Campagnolo thread not a Fizik one ;)

  • Potential challenge with the seatpost question is that the seatpost has to match your stem, now that can be tenuous in some cases (pantographed titanium stem from the frame manufacturer, titanium seatpost) but there has to be a relationship. A Fizik carbon post is a very nice post - but what's the headset diameter/steerer and therefore stem going to be? In my experience you need to nail down the stem choice first.

  • Stem is custom from Talbot. No seat post matches it. Groupset is changing to Record so want to find a crabon post to go matchy matchy

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  • That 631 sticker is in a really weird place.

  • I reckon a Control tech post would be close as it's got a very similar clamp, you could always take the stickers off (they're likely to be knackered by now anyway).

  • This is the top:



  • Deda superleggero?

  • Aye, that was in my decision matrix.

  • +1 for Deda.

    Shame about the stem but do you have Deda bars to match at least?

  • Bars are 25.4mm Nitto. 1" ahead bizniz is hard.

  • Spacers! Nitro are nice though

  • Which is the best carbon seat post to match a 12 speed Record Groupset? Must be Italian and slender looking as going on a steel bike.

    WR Compositi WRC seatpost

  • Jeezus wept. You actually just posted

    ... in my decision matrix.

  • I don't know how hard they are to buy, but PMP Carbon? PMP Titanium is the reference non-Campagnolo metal seat post for Campagnolo so I think the carbon variant could work nicely. The clamp has some side-facing circular silver hardware as well, which would match your stem.

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  • Given how Americans obsess about campy, why has no one suggested this

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  • That shouldn't go anywhere near a carbon Campagnolo group.

    Another vote for Deda. Clean design and nicely finished products.

  • Deda Zero 100. Not carbon (but Ag2r did run them)

  • I'm not sure PMP are still trading.

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The Campagnolo Thread

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