Buying an electric bike

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  • Hello everyone, I want to buy an electric but I don't know much about electric bike. I have some questions and some things I need help with. 1. What are the best electric bikes in UK? 2. What is cheap / average / expensive price range for an electric bike? 3. What are some good, trusted and cheap websites to buy an electric bike? Prefer if there are some websites that offer 50% discount or big discounts/cheap prices/a set that comes with light, horn and other accessories. 4. Is it better to buy and electric bike online or in store or they are both the same? 5. How long can an electric bike generally last in lifespan? 6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having an electric bike(There are some that I don't know) 7. Are there any things I need to know and need before buying and having an electric bike?

  • You need to replace the word cheap with value. Every good eBike you come across someone will tell you that you can buy a car for that. They are not cheap. But they are great.

  • There are Electric Hybrid Bikes, Electric Bike Accessories, Electric Mountain Bikes, Electric Bike Sets, electric Folding Bikes and Electric Adventure Bikes under "Product Type" on Halfords. Can anyone explain what these types are and what are their differences?­bikes/

  • Remove the word "electric" from each product name, that will explain the differences a little better

  • Honestly, just go to a decent bike shop that sells electric bikes and have a chat with them. It's their job. Asking on the internet such a broad question will yield you just that...broad answers.

  • Disappointed and frustrated. I am aware I would get broad answers on the internet but I think and am hoping I could get some specific and detail answers.

  • 8fun is price:performance brand

  • Ok my bit.

    I think an important question is where do you want the electric motor to be. There are 3 opions.

    In the front wheel; I think these are cheap an nast an would avoid.

    In the rear wheel; found on a wide range of mid priced and more expensive sportier Road Bikes ( a Road Bike is a racing bike with bdrop handlebars , narrow saddle, "crouched" riding position) the nice thing about E Road Bikes is often they don't look like E bikes, good ones are expensive £5k etc.

    A mid mounted motor, where the pedals are: a good option that are found on usual better and more expensive E bikes often aimed at the Leisure market, usually more of a flat handle bar communter style of bike, good one are not cheap. There are also fancy and expensive off road bike with lots of suspension with this set up that can cost a lot.

    A final thought woulld be, actually finding somewhere that has stock could be a real issue. The Covid bike boom has empted the warehouses. I hope that hasn't put you off, any sort of bike is still the best way around!

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Buying an electric bike

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