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  • Looks like its time for some degreaser haha.

  • I think my dad has degreaser. Time to look for a new frame tho :(

  • Currently. *That was a bad idea **the rails on that saddle barely fit the seatpost. Back to fizik

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  • Both seatstays cracked fully somehow I lasted this long. I have a new bike. Not aggressive but very fun to ride

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  • Nice! I like that.
    Pics of the cracked seatstays?

  • I have to pick it up from the bike shop on Monday. I’ll take pictures soon

  • Here

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  • Yikes!

  • Wow crazy! Did you contact Jan Kole/ Colossi about this?

  • Crikey, BB making a bid for freedom!

  • I did during the first signs of the first crack. It was my daily rider. Transportation for everything. I couldn’t afford a replacement as I wanted to continue with the brand. I snapped my chain on the spicer recently. Now waiting on new chain.

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  • What did they say about the cracks?

  • Update

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  • I forgot how to start threads (Rider down section). I haven’t seen that bike since I’ve been hit by a car into another on Oct 19. Police impound most likely. I’m currently undergoing extensive rehab and wish I could turn back time­ticle/Stamford-bicyclist-crash-East-Main­-Lawn-Avenue-17521717.php

  • Scary stuff.... I hope you recover quickly!

  • Rooting for a speedy recovery mate! Incredibly sad stuff.

    The 27-year-old Stamford resident who was driving the pickup truck received a ticket for making an improper left turn.

    Also this... What the hell even, just a ticket?

  • Thank you. I am still a fall risk. Sorry for hijacking current projects. Can someone instruct me in starting threads? I lost the end of my left ring finger, middle finger being held by two metal rods/pins?, broke left clavicle, fractured left rib, bottom front teeth got pushed in/chipped, fractured scapula, impact heavy on my upper left arm, fractured tibia, spleen is gone, stitches on my head, fibula (not sure don’t remember). I just got discharged yesterday from rehab and will continue my rehab from home and/or outpatient facility. Back to current projects.. the spicer, well, never saw it again. My dad will go back to the police station when he can. I wish this wasn’t the case, and I have an improved bike to show in jpg form.

  • That’s terrible. Wish you all the best.

  • Fucking hell, that's horrific. Hope you heal up soon.

  • The bike was left at the scene of the accident. The police officer’s reasoning is that they couldn’t fit the bike in the car. Who knows where the bike is.

  • Wtf how unprofessional

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Colossi Low Pro

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