E-bike spannering

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  • Anyone on here got much experience tinkering with e-bikes?

    My old man has a Ridgeback Electron Di2. It’s had a drive unit (motor) swap (think it started not really giving much assistance and the battery life went shite) and now the lights don’t work.

    I took a look and once I removed the nds cover panel I could see one of the lighting cables was loose. Reconnected it but no dice.

    I checked the wiring and that wasn’t the issue as when I disconnected them from the terminals on the drive unit and hooked them up to my dynamo hub the lamps lit fine.

    Looking a bit deeper it looks like the motor that’s been fitted is a DU-E5000 whereas the spec of the bike is 6000 and the head/handlebar unit is a SC-E6100.

    The tech docs show the 6100 system has a ‘lighting adapter’ that has the terminals for the lamp wires to connect to then the adapter plugs into the drive unit whereas the 5000 drive unit just has terminals on the drive unit itself.

    Anyone able to confirm that this will be the issue and offer any sort of suggestion of a remedy?

  • can't find another suitable thread but in the two years since OP has anyone gained any knowledge on e-bike spannering and specifically battery issues?

  • Which system? What kind of battery issues?

  • ooh err. I don't know what you mean by the system but it is a Shimano motor and battery and error code E010

  • Shimano is easy to diagnose yourself. Plug it into E-tube (If you can) and see where it leads.
    E010 is the most common code I get at work. Usually a damaged cable or corroded contact. Unlikely to be battery as they're very well sealed.
    Do you have any power assistance?
    Even if its battery, not much you can do about it unless you want to fuck around with "non serviceable" items.

    Go through the whole system if you can, unplug and re-plug everything. Start at the main screen and move downwards. Swap wires over if you can.
    Motor units are 'dumb to a degree.

    Id say start by plugging the whole system in, to see what's active and what's not. That'll at least pin point where the issue is.

  • ok thanks very much for the input. i will head over to his place and we can give it a go together

  • Your main issue is how you plug the system into your PC. It is PC only.
    You'll need this

    More importantly, you'll need this

    They're not cheap. The older PCE01 applicable as well.

    If you don't have that, I'd say the path of least resistance to you is to take it to a workshop capable of handling this. It'd probably work out cheaper.

  • the path of least resistance to you is to take it to a workshop capable of handling this

    any recommendations who are near london?

  • No idea to be honest. E-bike accreditation is still up in the air with no structure, gotta find a mechanic who wants to do it. Give me a PM if you want.

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E-bike spannering

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