• I had dreams of living that #carfree life. Just me and my cheap cargo bike, carrying unspecified shit around, powered by coffee and self-righteousness alone. Unfortunately, I don’t often have cause to carry shit around, so the dream has died - maybe it was your dream instead after all?

    This one used to be a TNT bike before they killed the trial, so it has the better front carrier, dynamo lights that are slightly brighter than candles and comes in go-faster orange. 18 inch frame so good for anyone up to 6ft. No kickstand but I might have a Pletscher kicking around if you ask nicely.

    Stock photo for now because its dark and rainy and you can’t get elephants wet after 6pm or something, but you get the idea. £200 collected from Nottingham, or I’m happy to facilitate a courier (no boxing up though because this thing is the weight of a collapsed sun).

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  • Excellent patter, GLWS.

  • is nottingham far from northwood (HA6)? i'm not familiar with courier costs... but this reminds me of my cargo bike that i shouldn't have let go pre-lockdown. i kind of love it x_x

  • pm sent

  • You had me at

    unspecified shit

    Alas. I fear the weight of two collapsed suns combined would harm this planet beyond repair.

  • This elephant is as elusive as it is hefty. Finally got a real life photo and, well, it’s orange. Keen to get this back in use again so please fire off insulting offers that I’ll probably accept anyway.

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  • Price dropped a chunk to £150 - please save me from the horrors of eBay/FB

  • THAT is the best post ever on this site!

  • Ha, thanks!

    Last call before this goes on Facebook tomorrow night. I am driving down to Heathrow on the 6th for anyone west enough to be near the M25 for a speedy drop-off.

  • Moved to eBay etc.

  • If this was near me (London) I'd have had it for £150

  • Hi, where the link for this? I’m interested if not too late

  • I will be in Nottingham at the weekend (and up/down in some subsequent ones), it this needs ferrying south (big people carrier)? Live in Cambs - but will be commuting into KGX, if that works for anyone?

    (Spotted this late - sorry - otherwise I would have offered upthread)

  • @user124805 the link to the listing is here - will honour the £150 forum price if you're keen (mods, let me know if linking this is outside the rules): https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/ite­m/2169784199825381/

  • @c00ps that's such a kind offer! If @Sparky or anyone else wants to take you up on that I'd gladly facilitate

  • I've tried to sell this locally to no luck. I'm moving house in two weeks. I really don't want to take this with me. Please help.

    Back here for a cool £100. Or offers. Or trades.

  • Are you going through London again?

  • Sadly not - the move is to Bristol (any I really want to avoid having this in the van if poss)

  • --removed--

  • Back up for sale after the above dibs - offers welcome.

  • actually - ignore this. not practical for me to pick it up

  • Take it Bristol and sell it. Someone will snap that up I'm sure

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Pashley Pronto (aka Elephant Bike) cargo bike - back here for £100

Posted by Avatar for passhunting @passhunting