Bike storage/safety solution

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  • Hiya!

    So I was recently given a nice bike for free. Yay!
    The only problem is that it's a really heavy bike, I'm a tiny person with tendonitis, and we live in the 2nd story that can only be accessed with very steep narrow stairs
    Our landlord lets me keep the bike on the entrance passage for now. But it's narrow and carpeted, so not a long term solution.
    We do have a small uncovered outdoor space at the front of the house; mostly taken up by bins. But there's a narrow space of 3 m x 1m where I can store the bike.
    But there's nothing to chain the bike to and I'm not allowed to mount anything to the walls
    Can someone suggest a way to secure the bike without mounting anything to the walls? And a way to keep the bike from being damaged by rain and sun?

    Thank you so much!

  • Ground anchor and a cover would probably be your best bet

  • Congrats on the new bike, but since you said it’s a nice bike you have to post a pic for everyone to admire. Just how it is.

    Our landlord lets me keep the bike on the entrance passage for now

    Word of caution here: very many bikes are stolen from communal areas like hallways and entrances, especially if they’re left unlocked or locked with just a cable lock. Obviously I don’t know your setup but a proper locking point is a safer bet.

    Ditto Dogtemple on the ground anchor and cover (which will protect it from the elements and also make it less attractive to casual thieves). If a ground anchor isn’t possible, a large builder’s bucket filled with concrete weighs about 70kg.

  • Many local authorities provide street bike lockers which are a great solution if often pricey as they have to cover costs.

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Bike storage/safety solution

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