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  • Used to be a standing wiper, now a sitter.

    It was a revelation. Seriously, all you durrty standers should give it a try.

    Maybe it helps that we have a squatty potty.

  • This was my first thought. Surely THAT'S the weirdest part.

    And FWIW I do both... Start sitting then graduate to standing for the good stuff

  • Proud stander...but curious about sitting. I don't understand how?

  • I don't understand how?

    I reckon “From the front or back?” is a whole other discussion.

    I go from the front. Like I say, having a squatty potty maybe makes that easier?

  • Infact, “From the front or back?” was one of the things I had to address when I started trying sitting.

    Which I did when I noticed mrs m_v was a sitter.

    Which, just to be clear, happened when I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when she was wee-ing. We ain’t no ‘watching each other poop’ freaks or anything.


    "Greeks may have also wiped with ostraka, ceramic pieces that they inscribed with the names of their enemies when voting to ostracize them. After the vote, they may have wiped their feces on their enemies’ names."

  • Well, mind blown. I didn't know there were 'options'.

  • Yeah quite a lot of my fat friends have that problem too.

  • If you stand, do you face the toilet as you wipe?

    (Actually, if you sit, do you straddle and face the cistern (like a normal) or do you use that as a backrest (Weird))

  • Who sits down to take a shit?

  • sitting is quite a general term, it can go anywhere from sitting on the edge of your seat, arse barely touching said piece of furniture to sitting deep into your sofa late evenings, the sitting while wiping referred to many times above is probably more like the former than the latter

  • I'm not following this thread. Surely you only have the luxury of sitting down if the sink is close enough?

  • So you wait until you're back in the lounge and on the sofa before you start wiping?

  • What do you need the sink for?

    Are you using it like a manual Bidet?

  • Are you still using paper in 2021?

  • swans necks in 2021 ?

  • I'm laughing hard at this but I don't even understand it.

  • Wow ok. So you stand by the sink and what? Cup a handful of water from the running tap to clean yourself? Does it not go on the floor? Do you have to completely remove your trousers every time you need the toilet?
    How does this work when visiting friend's houses? How about public bathrooms?

  • My mind is racing

  • I of course jest. In all seriousness I can't even believe this is a debate.

    In my group of mates, we discovered one of them stands up to wipe and we've ripped on him for it for years. It's like a child who hasn't yet got to grips with it.

    And the talk upthread about wiping from the front is even more peculiar.

    Some of you lot are an odd bunch.

  • I'm a sitter. I've honestly never considered anyone stands! What do you people mean by standing? Squatting over the bowl, or fully upright? Surely it forces the cheeks together making wiping harder?

    Also, "back" rather than "front" while sat. You don't want to be wiping towards your junk.

    Though I've always thought of wiping with toilet roll as a bit strange anyway. What other part of your body do you clean by rubbing with tissue?

  • Surely you only have the luxury of sitting down if the sink is close enough?

    Begging your pardon?

  • in a lot of third world countries you just get a tap and bucket of water, make of that what you will

  • It's cool, from your earlier post I see we're aligned on this.

  • A mate thinks the same and wanted to have a little shower head installed next to his toilet when he was doing his bathroom.

    He didn't in the end because his GF and project manager kicked up such a fuss. They also made him get a double / couples sink.

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Settle an argument for me

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