• I need a bog standard crank puller, one that has the wider end to remove hollow isis/octalink cranks.

    I'm 25% posting this to see if anyone in SE could lend me one, and 75% seeing if anyone in SE could tell me a bike shop where I can go buy one to save time on postage etc - some bike shops only sell product product and some only do servicing/repairs etc, and sometimes specific tools like this fall between that gap, but its hard to tell via the internet and I can't be bothered to go on a 'bikeshops of south london tour' trying to find one haha

    Any help would be appreciated

  • If you have a puller for square taper cranks you can try to find a coin or washer that fits inside the crank against the end of the axle to adapt it. Worked for me.

  • If not a coin you can get an adapter for a normal puller for about a quid on eBay

  • @Dogtemple @ffm yeah the problem is I lack any crank puller! haha. Seemed to have lost it which is perplexing me slightly, I guess I'll have to commit to the online purchase, only halfords seems to sell them in store but theirs are crap in my experience


ISIS/Octalink compatible crank puller - or tell me what shop in SE sells them

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