TNRC 2021 - A Social Distance

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  • I can see the end of March and the changing of the clocks coming up on my calendar! All going well it's looking promising for small group rides by then potentially. Or am I being an April fool! I for one am looking forward to riding some quiet lanes at sunset again one day.

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  • Yes, so good to see this thread up for 2021.

    This year I fully intend to ride my bicycle further than to my local park and back.

  • Yes!

    Hopefully I'll join in for a few.

  • In. WFH for the foreseeable so Surrey more than Essex for me.

  • I’ve too many logistical difficulties this year. Have fun out there.

  • Reckon I can rejoin the gang this year.

  • If there’s space for new riders I’d love to join a few of these this year

  • I'm in

  • Crossed fingers for IoW deluxxxe

  • I’d be very keen to join a few of these now that I own a fixed again. I can’t make this first one, but hope to do any that head SE.

  • Surrey is the trad season start/finish but I'm keen for some (selfishly) Kent routes in the coming weeks too.

  • Yep me too. Going to have to be Kent and rides that can get me back to St Pancras but otherwise gonna do as many as possible.

    And maybe a deelux one night to mine in Whitstable (we'll have to go the long way though as it's only 60 miles from London)

  • We going to have 2 deluxez then! Non spoons Kent and an IoW? Make up for last year.

  • To let you know how seriously I'm taking this I've uninstalled my p-clipped, bespoke bridged, and zip-tied mudguards so I can break it down for the peak time trains.

  • Holey moley... That's an idea!

  • Sadly I won't be riding much this year as I'm moving in June and sending bikes away beforehand. On top of that I'm not sure at all whether my knee is actually better since I haven't really done any riding since last year. I might try and come out next week and see how things go!

    I will miss the WTNRC and its people dearly.

  • Oh man Clement, will miss you dude. Are you heading back to France?

  • @cgg Sad news, the knee and the move );

  • I'm going back to France for as long as the pandemics goes anyway. I'm quite sad too especially now that London is all sunny and nice and warm :(

  • We're not happy with Clexit, but hope you get back again soon after the pandémie!

  • Aaaaand round II is up!

  • It's an on-week again...

    Anyone got any route suggestions before I put a Kent route up again?

  • 🤞 for some Kentish hills

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TNRC 2021 - A Social Distance

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