HELP chainstay indent

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  • Hi guys,

    I am having clearance issues with my recently purchased wheelset and is not clearing in the chainstays for like 2-4mm, there is anything I can myself or anyone who could help me do explore some options? perhaps indenting a little more?

    Cheers in advance _o/

  • post a picture! will help :)

  • here

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  • Get a smaller tyre?

  • Smaller tyre
    Framebuilder (or DIY if you don't value the frame)

    How close is the tyre to the chain?

  • can't go smaller, in fact needed to go wider but I'm not even there yet.

    Is very close o the point the lateral flex of the wheel while riding less than a millimetre.

  • Get a frame that fits the tyre you want to use?

    Edit: Crush chainstay with molegrip till desired tyre fits?

  • update: contacting frame builders to see what can be done.
    An option would be replacing the bb shell to a wider one and re-weld the stays wider.

  • Is there a reason you’re so set on using this exact frame? You’re possibly looking at changing to MTB cranks if you use a wider bb shell
    Seems like a lot of effort

  • Isn’t the frame alloy (by the look of the BB welds)?

  • No, it is Columbus Cromor tubing

    I am trying to use the frame, recently purchased, wasn't expecting the stays to have such a narrow clearance.
    Am avoiding to buy a new frame for the sake of a few mm. Ideally I would like to use these rims also recently purchased, which I am aware are quite MTB-ish.

    It is a lot of effort yes but the built would be perfect if wasn't this little-big issue.

  • Are the rims super special / specific? I'd say that finding new rims is easier, cheaper and probably quicker than a) buying a new frame or b) replacing the BB and modifying the stays of the current frame.

  • Rims are the Velocity Blunts 35 - 36H laced to BLB Kings, built 2 weeks ago.

    As said, I want to avoid at max cost, discarding the wheelset and this frame, as was recent investment and want to explore options before that.

    I feel that if rims where Velocity Blunts SS would probably just fit

  • What size are the tyres?

  • Ah ok - apologies. Best of luck for getting it sorted.

  • So it looks like it’s the rim that is close to the chain stay - you’re running a modern wiiide rim, 35mm external and disc specific on a track frame? - try an older narrow rear rim like a mavic open pro etc...

    Finally, have you checked the rear triangle hasn’t been squashed in, perhaps in transit (it happens!) also

  • I have checked, rear triangle hasn't been squashed in. I did the measurements.
    The reason I am running this wheel is that is a specific bike build. Price to pay when we "abuse" track frames :)

    I appreciate the help and tips so far!
    Thanks (HessonLabs will be able to help me possibly)

  • Make one of these to squish the chain stays. Done a few of my frames now. You’re welcome to borrow it for beers.

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  • Someone will drink beer then! :D

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HELP chainstay indent

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