Thoughts on the Adidas 'Velosamba'?

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  • gf's white pair just arrived. Feel pretty decent in the hand, fairly stiff sole. Look great! Shame she's not got a commute to use them on atm.

    Talking of commuting shoes, after trying a few different pairs over the years I've settled on Republic Knits as a good mix between bike and casual.

  • Came here to post the same thing. Stiff and solid but comfortable.

  • I really want a pair of sambas in the hi vis yellow but with just regular soles - I think I might just get these

  • No way - I snapped the sole on mine powering up Archway Road in traffic 😰

  • I would avoid the Chrome Truk shoes. They are terrible for cycling and walking in.

  • good shout to buy now for next winter!

  • Black FIVE TEN District clips have been the best casual cycling shoes I've ever used, but sadly they don't seem to make them anymore. I got my last pair unused on ebay. I wear them all day 5 days a week. My ATAC cleats last way longer too thanks to the deep cleat recess. Several people at traffic lights have been surprised to find out they're clipped.
    Quoc Pham Hardcourt hi tops were my favourite for both looks and comfort, but after both pairs snapped within 3 months I had to admit defeat.

  • Used the velosamba a few times with DMR Versa pedals and they are great, not sure they would be as good with small spd's though.
    What I can't believe is people are asking (and getting) £160 a pair for them on Ebay! They're nice, but barely £100 nice, totally not £160 nice!

  • Adidas have a pair of 10.5 Velosamba back in stock. One pair. Probably a return.­ycling-shoes/FW4459.html

  • Parcelforce completely screwed up my delivery. Total no show on the scheduled day or following one. Supposedly attempted the following week, but no sign of a card and they were simply returned to sender.

    Have a 15% discount code as compensation and Adidas promised a refund but a week later there's no sign of that either. Time to get on the phone again.

  • They are now back in stock in red and white.

  • just ordered a pair in red (crimson)

    hopefully theyll be ideal for 'sunny' pub rides

  • With demand like this maybe I should flog my VeloSuperstar

  • Back in stock in black and white. Go go go!

    Some sizes have a two week delay on delivery, mind.

  • Thanks. Couldn’t resist.

  • FFS.

    After Parcelforce screwed up last time (see above) I managed to place another order with the two week ETA. Realised that had passed and was about to chase it up, just got an email saying they've had to cancel it. No reason given.

    I give up.

  • Yeah I got that cancellation email too. I've just reordered. Let's see.

  • Sod it. Third time lucky...

    Shame they didn't allow the 25% discount code.

  • I finally managed to buy some cleats and do a few rides. They work quite well on the bike, not so much for walking. The transition between the stiff and the soft part is in a strange place. Also had to shift the cleat all the way to one side and they still touch the pedal a bit.
    For short rides they are ok but because they have 0 ventilation or breathability they run super hot.

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  • super low Q factor

  • My order of a black pair that was expected delivery of the 28th of July has now been updated to say "This item will be shipped as soon as it's back in stock, within the next 14 days." Bit annoying. I was kind of tempted to order a pair of the red ones to see if they might arrive a bit earlier and to have a second pair but after reading sohi's post, I'm not sure.

  • Just had a cancellation email after about a month. No refund yet. Doubt I will bother trying again to be honest.

  • Where did you get your Dennis the Menace stripe socks tho?

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Thoughts on the Adidas 'Velosamba'?

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