Thoughts on the Adidas 'Velosamba'?

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  • Not sure when I'd wear them but its nice to see something like this!­ycling-shoes/FW4459.html

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  • I frequently cycle somewhere and then spend several hours in my current cycling shoes (walking, shopping, luch out etc). Definitely a case for these in my life! (I bought some a couple of hours ago)

  • They just look like rebranded dzr shoes?

  • Its weird because I wear sambas for cycling as they slip into straps really well but now im thinking...

  • They're the single greatest thing I've ever seen and why don't they have normal sizes?

  • would buy if they had my size in not-white

  • They did, they've all gone

  • I almost bought a pair this morning and then realised I don't really fancy walking around in sambas with cleats.

    Rather use a flat pedal and normal sambas about town

  • I'd have bought a black pair in 9.5 if I'd only have done it when I first saw them yesterday morning

  • As someone that's owned multiple pairs of DZR casual spd shoes before believe me when I say you get the worst of both worlds. They're uncomfortable to stand/walk around in for any length of time because of the cleat and they suck for cycling because they're as flexible as trainers, worse than on flat pedals because the point of contact is only the cleat not a whole flat pedal like you'd usually have when in trainers. Good if you want to pop to the shop for 20 mins but that's about it.

  • Agree - I have a pair of a Chrome Truk’s which are so uncomfortable to both cycle and walk in for those exact reasons.

    I’d really like these Sambas to be different but I doubt they will be

  • I'll report back

  • I don't think DZR were around in the 40s...

  • Also, remember these?

  • They're slightly different, since they're not for clipless systems, but i much prefer the Nike Komyuters. Wish i had bought more than 2 pairs.

  • Yeah, what I meant was that it's not a new concept. They've just copied Chrome/dzr's soles. As people above have said, they're rubbish for cycling in and rubbish for walking in (and unless you're walking on a perfectly smooth surface they make a clicking sound which gets annoying very quickly)

  • Was sorely tempted by these but held off for now, for all of the reasons listed above

    So next question, what in the hive minds opinion is the best or a better option for an all day spd 'casual' trainer if there is such a thing?

  • a better option for an all day spd 'casual' trainer

    quite like Giro's Rumbles

  • For further detail on getting the worst of both worlds please see the Gravel Bikes thread

  • Depends on the amount of walking you are doing really. If quite a bit, probably best to wear trainers and use flats with some foot retention. If you're only walking a little, I have some Shimano RT4's and get on with them well, and you don't look too stupid when you're off the bike.

  • I know Nike fled cycling after Lance, but the Nguba are crying out for a reissue for the 'gravel generation', way comfier than these Sambas look.

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  • So next question, what in the hive minds opinion is the best or a better option for an all day spd 'casual' trainer if there is such a thing?

    I can't comment on the sole in these Adidas without trying a pair first, but I can say that the Giro Rumble doesn't suffer from the problems described here.

  • Have to say I disagree, having also owned multiple pairs of dzr’s, chromes, and quoc phams, I’d take most of them over the sidi’s I’ve owned for general commuting/walking.
    Had no issues wearing them all day and riding all day in them. The protruding cleat has been an issue with some of the chromes I’ve owned, and the flexiness of the sole in the dzr’s can sometimes be tiring of foot, but as a hop on, hop off bike shoe, they do a better job than the sidi dominators and dragons I’ve owned, and would find it difficult to go back to now. If I’m doing all day rides out in the country, sidi’s for sure, if I’m riding around town then it’ll be DZR or quoc pham for sure.

  • shimano xc7's for everything from the sunday big shop to central london protest march. I will NOT compromise riding enjoyment for the mere issue of 'standing hurts' (which it doesn't).

  • what in the hive minds opinion is the best or a better option for an all day spd 'casual' trainer if there is such a thing?

    Standing/walking around in pucker SPD shoes > riding further than the shops in SPD trainers.

    I’ve had a couple more casual pairs of spd shoes and the cleats always clack and grind on the ground. It also felt like my feet were falling off the sides of the pedals so I’d get hot spots and fatigue if I ride more than a couple miles in them. I have quite big feet (46 in cycling shoes usually) so smaller feet may suffer that less?

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Thoughts on the Adidas 'Velosamba'?

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