• I rode this from new for roughly a year and a half on the track before disassembling. Then lockdown 1 started just as I was in the process of selling, so it's been sitting in my bedroom for just under a year. Now it's time to move it out while I have the chance. Here's what's included:
    Caad 10 Frame (54)
    Caad12 fork (upgraded as lighter)
    C4 stem (100mm)
    Easton BB BS68
    Gamut Cillos Headset Spacers
    I haven't got my tools with me so all the extra bits are just that (extras), I've got a couple other bits to dig up to include also but nothing major.
    Bike is in good condition with a couple of minor scratches.
    Am in Canning area evenings / weekends for collection.

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  • Wow - provisional dibs please, regretted selling my last one too much

  • Second Dibs. Will PM.

  • Third dibs. On the off chance!

  • 4th dibs

  • Hey, I've replied to all messages. I forgot to say I'll give preference to anyone who can collect sooner rather than later.

  • £130! I have no use for a track bike but that’s a bloody bargain

  • Yeah, it's just been sitting around taking up space for nearly a year now. I just want it gone!!

  • Lusted after one of these in 56 for a few years now
    Mad price

  • 5th dibs

  • Thanks for the replies, it's gone now.


Caad10 fixed Frame (54) / Caad12 fork / C4 stem (100mm) / Easton BB BS68 / Gamut Cillos Headset Spacer - £130

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