• Selling this vintage track bike. The frame was crafted by a famous framebuilder in Hungary by Tarapcsák Miklós and was repainted and rebuilt with shimano 600 and miche parts. Would recommend it around 190cm height. 425£+ Shipping + PayPal fee

    Frame:Handcrafted Track Frame 60x59cm Oria tubes repainted British Racing green
    Headset: Shimano 600
    Strem: Shimano 600 110mm
    Crankset: Shimano 600 170mm repolished with 48T track chainring
    Seatpost: Shimano 600 Aero
    Saddles: Retro Turbo very comfy
    Pedals: Shimano 600 clips
    Chain: New Izumi Track chain
    Wheels: New Miche Primato , DT Spokes, Rigida Flyer rims 16T cog clincher
    Tires: Conti Supersport and Scwalbe Lugano
    Handlebar: Noname alu polished riser and Csepel grip

    THE PRICE: 425£ + shipping + paypal fee
    Location Hungary , Debrecen
    Write me here or via instagram:@tenkelymate

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  • I can potentially help relocate this to London in person around mid April, but its a BIG maybe. Anyway, if youve got a deal, and you need me to help, drop a message to see if Im still traveling at that time.

  • Would Brexit make this a bit of a nightmare to import? I'd be very interested otherwise

  • Shipping is like 75£ not that big of a deal but i dont know what will be the price of custom tariff

  • Thank you very kind of you

  • So i calculated for you the Shipping is approx 75£ the pay pal fee is 20£ and the custom traffic percentage is 20% so i can write 100£ on the shipment in this case they will calculate around 20£ custom fee so total 115£ with everything shipping+paypal fee+ custom fee 540£ in total with the bike included

  • Cool lugs. Is that the original fork?

  • Yes its very cool these lugs were his trademark , unfortunately it not his original fork , it was damaged so i replaced with this retro road fork i think it fits well

  • I was looking at buying a bike from abroad for a while, since the market here is kinda F'ed. Apparently, bicycles (from the EU) are exempt from any duty or import tax until the end of 2021.

  • Well nice to know this one is useful information thank you

  • That's good to know, any more info on that, parts included? A link to gov site or similar?


  • shipping with DPD (tracked and insured) should be around £25 from hungary. that's the service i always use as the local postal service is a big pile of crap..

  • Unfortunately no, i sent several packages to other countries with DPD i know how it works , because of Brexit right now they are not sending packages to the UK for an uncertain time , thats why from Hungary right now the best option is UPS which is 75£

  • brexit stuff with DPD is new to me, but unfortunately sounds legit..

  • bump price drop 425£> 400£

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For Sale: Hungarian Handcrafted Vintage Track Bike X Shimano 600 X Miche

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