Dunwich Dynamo 2021

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  • @farewell I'm doing it again this year with any solo riders who want to tag along. I'll pin up an 'F' for 'Friendly' (facebook) on a tree near Martello street like I did in 2019. We had about 12 people. Won't be fast though. I'll aim for 20 km/h social speed since there may be beginners.

  • That sounds good! What time are you lookin to set off?

  • About 8-8:15 probably? I like to get out of town before it gets dark.

  • Thanks, good stuff!

  • The weather forecast is pretty spectacular at the moment.

    Saturday: riding into a headwind and a thunderstorm

    Sunday: riding home into a headwind and a thunderstorm

    Don't think I'll be doing this year unless something changes!

  • Might ride to the beach to welcome the nutters.

  • It's not a headwind by 8pm, it's a crosswind, but only 4mph, that's basically still air.
    Yes looks like isolated thunderstorms, well at least that means warm rain :))

  • I'm organising a man'n'van to take bikes from Darsham station(nearest station to Dunwich) to E8. Blankets, straps & all that.
    The cost depends on how many takers there are: £25-50
    In any case, I’ll be booking the guy on Thursday evening if I can get more than two takers. I'll set the price then so you'll all know
    I'm hoping for around 10 bikes so that'll make it about £25 each.
    It will be from Darsham station carpark, loading up between 11:00-12:00, so plenty time for a snooze on the beach and a leisurely 4 miles to Darsham.
    Collection will be from E8 2AZ (5 mins walk from Hackney Downs) and you will need to be there when the van arrives to collect your bike, but the train is quicker than driving so that shouldn't be a problem for anyone.

    Text/Whatsapp me on 07 NINE 1 SEVEN 878 FOUR 91 if interested.

  • What time do you usually arrive at Dunwich?

  • Weather forecast is looking abit better than earlier in the week!

  • It's usually been around 8am. Depends on the number of stops along the way, for food/pints/coffee/mechanicals etc. And will depend on how fast the group is, I'm aiming low (20km/h) and hoping that we do better than that - in 2019 it was 22km/h. Social pace!

  • Yeah it's not bad at all now. There will probably be a shower or two.

  • I'm heading over shortly.
    am doing it with a clubmate who is going there and back, but I'll turn round half way.
    We'll be setting off fairly early.
    Quite looking forward to the return leg and seeing all the lights going the other way.

  • Annoyed, but I've had to decide I'm not riding. Have a good one, all!

  • On the way back now. Looks like there's a good chance it will be dry all the way.
    decent turnout considering. Fewer than normal but still must have been a few hundred

  • Glad its stayed dry and everyone is safe so far.

  • Got back this morning. So glad I decided to do it, barely a drop of rain the whole way and had lots of great midnight/midmorning chats with random people. How'd everyone else's rides go?

  • Sounds like it's been great.
    A bunch of us from Manchester had planned on coming down and riding but left logistics too late and had to cancel. Since we had the weekend booked out for "bike", we decided to make a go of a ride to the coast from Manchester, aiming for Scarborough, on Friday night. Obviously a different feel to the dynamo but cool to do an overnight ride and look forward to hopefully being more organised next year ✌️

  • we decided to make a go of a ride to the coast from Manchester, aiming for Scarborough, on Friday night. Obviously a different feel to the dynamo but cool to do an overnight ride and look forward to hopefully being more organised next year

    That's the spirit, part of the point of the Dynamo is to make people consider doing their own, like the Exmouth Exodus. Think of a catchy alliteration with 'Scarborough' and you're halfway there. :)

  • Scarborough Scarper?

  • Barely a drop of rain … going up , but rode back and just as I got to Epping Forest - it went … bang ! incredible rain , water everywhere , blowing the drain/manhole covers up …. flooding at the tube stations - Kennington road under about a foot …and still cunt car drivers hammering it around trying to force you into the new cycle lane lake , cunts , took me an hour and a half to get back from Epping to Clapham - never been so wet …..

  • Not bad, but let the locals decide. :)

  • Wow, see the London floods thread for links to a couple of T****** videos. Today seems to have been bad. Glad you're OK, the risk to cyclists from driver behaviour in wet conditions is not to be underestimated.

  • Did it! Enjoyed it! I think it was about a 1/3 of the usual of the usual size. I rode with the Facebook Solo group, 7 of us meet in the park and off we went. Pace was a bike quick for me at the start but ultimately we came togther as a group at the end which was good, glad you were all there. Made it to the beach without any real dramas. Plent of pop up stops open, more than i thouight there would be, which was good, I really did feel the double expresso from Needham Lakes man.

    It many ways it was all about the weather, the forcast for the week before was for rain, rain and more rain; so much rain that I really considered not starting but on the night there was a couple of bits of spits and spots but nothiung worth me stopping and putting my jacket on. A dry dynamo makes such a difference to me.

    Thanks Heminui for organising the bike transpot home, much appreciated, it went very well!

    Oh an finally the rain, dry until my train pulled into Stratford and then the skys opened and it was biblical, honestly couldn't of happened at a better time.

    A back to "normal" Dynamo next year..............anyone?

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Dunwich Dynamo 2021

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