Dunwich Dynamo 2021

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  • As you may of already seen from their newsletter Southwark Cyclist recently decided that they wouldn't be arranging the return coaches and vans for the Dynamo this year. I do completely understand this, there are so many unknowns out their still; the deposit is hefty as well as all the time and effort of the many people it takes to make the return journey happen. They do say themselves that a smaller scale return operation might be possible with tickets going on sale much closer to the date.

    I do miss the Dynamo, it is one of my favourite rides of the year. So I am posting this to guage opinion and see what people think? If all Covid restrictions are lifted by 21st June, a very big if I know, could there be some way of organising a forum Dun Run? and possible return transport? Is it even a good idea to try ? If it's legal and morally acceptable to do so some time in July, a trip to the seaside perhaps?

    Really just musing here, would like to know what others think, feel about going or not.

  • i did it last year in near-solitary conditions.
    made last orders at Moreton and then nothing until the beach (which was empty and shut). ended up getting a bit of kip at a local B&B and then training it back from Darsham/Ipswich, which was surprisingly straightforward. weather permitting, you could always hang out at Dunwich until the trains started.
    i also look forward to the Dynamo every year, so it was fun to do in this way (there were two of us) but it was definitely missing the 'vibe' of a full event (to say nothing of the midnight refreshments).
    i suspect more people might feel up to a collectively organised option this year. maybe this is where it starts... :)

  • I think it's already pretty clear that there won't be an 'official' Dynamo this year, so make your own arrangements if you want to ride, but you can obviously check on the London School of Cycling web-site from time to time if you need to know.

  • Getting nostalgic now - look at the stupid pannier full of swimming stuff and spare clothes, the halogen lights, the second bottle secured with a mix of parcel tape and a toestrap, the blue suede turbo...

    That was, I think, the year before I rode my Pogliaghi to Dunwich and met Mr Schick.

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  • Ah yes, which year was that again?

    It does seem so long ago.

  • Maybe 2005 or 2006?

  • I didn't ride in 2005--knee issues, so could have been 2006. That was tailwind-assisted and bloody fast. 2007 was very rainy, 2008 was the diversion via Lavenham, and 2009 was another extremely quick one. I know, beginner's mistake to do them fast, but there you go.

  • Sounds right, I think 2006 was about 7h30 and a long wait for the cafe to open, whereas 2005 had a support crew with beer and Danish pastries and bubble wrap to welcome us

  • If it’s allowed post June 21st, I’m happy to organise/lead a forum Dynamo.
    This would be on a full moon night but just for LFGSS members.
    No special return transport needed as it’s only half an hour or so cycle to the nearest rail station, and we’d go on a night where trains are running the next day.

  • possibly. one way though.

  • A forum Dynamo would be ace, but we won't be the only ones having the idea of riding independently. :)

    Bear in mind that the regular trains from Darsham only take four bikes each. It would take a lot of separate groups of four to go from there. Not a problem if it's warm and people can kip on the beach for a while or some are willing to ride to Ipswich (30 miles).

    Whatever happens, some people are bound to organise their own vans etc.

    Also, of course, almost nothing will be open between Epping and Dunwich.

  • Our riding time in 2006 was about six hours something. We weren't even the fastest.

  • Yep, aware of all that. Ta.

  • Also for the benefit of others. :)

    And we need to go eating mezze in West London again when this is over.

  • Yes! I had falafel on Uxbridge Rd again today, the best ever...

  • I rode it in 2019 with a group of about 8 of us. I drove up there on the Saturday morning, parked my car up and got a lift back to Surrey. We then rode overnight Saturday evening and I drove 5 of us back on the Sunday morning. The others rode to Ipswich and trained it back.

    I have just been on a Zoom call with my cycling buddies and we mentioned doing this again this year.

    Here's my edited highlights of the trip

    We Don't Care

  • Factually inaccurate.

  • Be up for another LDL run if anyones keen / its on.

  • Yeah, I venture that far east now & then.

  • I wrote:

    I think it's already pretty clear that there won't be an 'official' Dynamo this year, so make your own arrangements if you want to ride, but you can obviously check on the London School of Cycling web-site from time to time if you need to know.

    Famous last words ...

    Dunwich Dynamo XXIX
    24 - 25 July 2021


    As before, it'll be largely unsupported. There's a road.cc write-up here of what may be available en route:


  • Planning to do the ride this year and looking for someone/people to ride with (I don’t live in London). Will either take the road bike or fixed gear.

    What ratio is recommended?

  • "Bear in mind Latitude festival is taking place at Henham that weekend, so traffic,trains,parking will be busier in the area than normal"

  • i rode it 69" in 2019 and was good.

  • What ratio is recommended?

    I used 72" a few years ago. It was fine.

  • @Thrasher @Brommers thanks!

    If there is anyone I can tag along with let me know.

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Dunwich Dynamo 2021

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