Dt Swiss 350 hub help

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  • Help...!

    I've just had a front wheel built up using a QR front hub assuming I could change the QR to 12mm bolt through however it appears I can't - unless I'm mistaken?

    Before I buy another hub and get it rebuilt does anybody know if there is way?

    Hub reference is H350ACQXR28SA4683S


  • I had a quick look at the manuals and it does look like the axle itself it's QR only. Don't see a way other than swapping the axle out, but that may not be possible.

  • Not possible, I am afraid.

    The front hub can be changed from thru axle to QR but not the other way round.

    Remove the QR cap and measure the inner diameter of the sealed bearing and you can see it's smaller than 12mm so no possibility to slide a thru axle.

    I also found out the hard way and had to rebuild the front wheel.

  • further to this, you could also get the axle & bearings pulled out, then get 15mm inter diameter bearings and spacer pressed in, then get the appropriate end caps.

  • Yes, the current one won’t take a 12mm bolt

  • Thanks, I’ve removed the qr axle and bearings (nothing to lose) - just need to locate the correct bearing for 12mm and hope they fit? I already have the appropriate end caps

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  • Nice one. Always good to see some tinkering on this forum.

  • I have these hubs as well and didn't realise you could just take them apart. how did you get the axle out?

  • I never owned the front hub, but the rear 350 (and 240S) definitely easier with swappable end caps. I probably have a set of QR end caps for the rears in the parts bin.

  • I have these hubs as well and didn't realise you could just take them apart. how did you get the axle out?

    I love this comment, because I totally get that feeling. Was taught to strip a hope on a mechanics course and it really is like a skate wheel but with holes for spokes where there might be urethane. Magnets, magic, demons, gyroscopes, what do we think is going on in there?

  • yeah, it totally makes sense that if the internal diameter of the shell is the same, then you can use the TA bearings and endcaps. i didn't even consider that was a possibility until i saw this thread.

    but, but, but... how do you get the qr axle out? support the shell at one end and bang the axle with a hammer at the other?

  • If memory serves, yes. Unless you have the tool to take out and replace the DT ratchet ring (1/3 remains in the hub when you remove the freehub), knock out the bearing on the NDS. If you go for the DS and don’t have the tool to remove the ratchet ring, it’s a royal pain to press in a new bearing.

  • You’ll also want to confirm you have enough bearing press spacers to press the bearing in again around the TA.

  • For the rear hub you don't need to remove the sealed bearings, only get the appropriate end cap for your frame rear spacing. You have options for QR, 142mm Thru Axle and Boost (148mm) Thru Axle.

    Novatec has also a similar system with their 4 in 1 hub models that can be adapted to different frame/ fork specs only replacing the end caps.

  • Do you still have the old axle? I have a front dt swiss wheel with no axle as I got a bent QR jammed in it. Although thinking about it, it’s not a disk wheel so may be a different length.

  • Yes, slightly chewed front one side from trying to remove it before I realised it had to be knocked out from the other side. If I can’t get the bolt through thing to work you can have it.
    I’ll measure it first

  • For the front remove disc side cap (easy) and then tap out the axle through the other side.

  • I don’t think it will work.

    Am I correct I saying the new 12mm end caps should fit snugly into the hub shell? I appreciate I don’t have bearings in yet but the caps are not a tight fit.

    I can’t find anywhere with a 100x12 cl 28 hole hub anywhere!

  • there's a 15mm one here and then you can use your 12mm endcaps


    they say they still deliver to uk but i haven't used them since brexit

  • thanks, I did look at Bike24 yesterday and I'm sure it said no delivery to UK?

  • "Delivery time to Great Britain (excluding Northern Ireland) 6-11 days"

    No idea if there are any extra taxes or charges though

  • just tried ordering but I keep getting error messages, I've even tried logging out and buying as a guest and still no joy, I've sent them an email

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Dt Swiss 350 hub help

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