• CAAD12 Disc 58cm Purple.
    QR Model.
    Cannondale 25.4 C2 Carbon Post - uncut.

    Condition wise, well it’s pretty good. Couple of minor stone chips as pictured and a spot of rub on the inside of a chainstay - bloody chip and spray. Minor mark on the top tube, but importantly no ding. The mark is so minor I’ve struggled to photo it, it’s visible with certain sunlight angles and just describing honestly.
    But let’s be clear, everyone will be too busy admiring your Purple glittery paint job.
    Great summer bike - this thing pops in the sun. Great winter bike - make everyone wonder what the hell your summer bike is if your riding this in winter!

    £SOLD shipped.

    Hope RX4 Brakes Purple. Shimano Variant - Campag compatible also..
    Front: Post Mount 160 with adapter (incl.)
    Rear: Flat Mount 160mm only.
    Hose is still attached, I’ll be honest you’ll be pushing the front to reconnect, but the rear 100% has enough. Hope barb and olives are reusable and are included.
    No leaks, and 750 faultless miles on these. 4 Pots are the way forward and these easily outperform any OEM brake.

    Supacaz Fly Carbon Cage White
    More antique white than bright white.
    Inside has insertion marks, otherwise good condition and functional.

    Hope QRs, Front and Rear Black.
    Ha, didn’t see that coming did you…!
    Hope Grip Doctor Bar Ends Purple.
    Good condition
    Peatys Tubeless Valves Purple. 42mm
    Good condition
    Shimano Ultegra RT800 - Ice Tech FREEZA Disc Rotors 160mm x 2
    They look a bit grubby, but only have 750 miles on them. Why haven’t I cleaned them? Well, they work right now. I don’t really want to make them not work for you and I’ve run out of specific brake cleaner. Boil them, spray appropriate stuff on them I’m sure they’ll look brand new.
    3T Carbon Steerer Bung.
    Carbon top cap. Brand new, went ENVE.

    Many pics: https://photos.app.goo.gl/XpHJYpECBwBUw2­Rv9

    All items located in Dorset. Postage at cost unless specified above..

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  • Peatys Tubeless Valves Purple.

    Good condition

    Keen, whats the length?

  • @amey


    Gravel rated.

  • keen on valves too amey doesn't

  • 3T Carbon Steerer Bung - can I have this please? PM incoming

  • Dibs rotors and Grip doctor bar ends

    3rd dibs on valves

  • Just to check the RX4's are the Shimano variant yeah?

    Good price for the pair

  • Valves, Rotors, Bar ends and Steerer bung all gone.

    To confirm RX4s are the Shimano / Campag variant - updated above.

  • I assume if they work for Shimano / campag that means not for SRAM, right?

    Probably for the best, saves me the money and wondering if purple ano clashes with my frame...

  • If you do indeed want to fall off Andy, sure. Hook them up with SRAM levers. ;)

    Otherwise, no I’m afraid these aren’t dot oil compatible. Mineral oil only.

  • Doesn't make much sense of an upgrade intended to improve stopping power, does it!

    Cheers anyway, saves me a few quid...

  • nyyaaaagh. really wish this was a 56. I think a 58 is going to be too big for me.
    how tall are you?

  • It really depends on fit.

    Why do I say this? Well I'm 6ft 4, and according to Cannondale should be on at least the 60, even the 63. But I run an apparently quite aggressive position on the bike. 11cm drop to the hoods.

    My saddle was at 81.5 cm from centre of the BB. 18cm of post exposed.

    Floor to saddle 104
    Floor to hoods 93 (-6 130 stem)

    Realistically anybody from late 5s to early 6s will be fine on this.

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  • hmmm...interesting
    I'm just under 6ft
    on my current setup I'm at 76cm BB to saddle (so I'd have 12.5 cm of post on this which might not be that bad)
    floor to saddle 100
    floor to hoods 92
    any idea of the mid saddle to front of stem distance?
    don't want to end up with a silly short stem...

  • Would you consider splitting out the new Token BB, was just about to buy one..

  • hi, can i put a provisional dibs on the frameset until tomorrow? (have my turbo up for sale at the mo and hoping that sells quickly)
    i won't have the brakes as i'll transfer my existing groupset.

  • any idea of the mid saddle to front of stem distance?

    Bit tricky as i've disassembled now...

    Let me set the seatpost at the above mentioned height and i'll send you some measurements over PM :)

    Dibs noted.

    Ps: should have sold the trainer last week when it was raining..........

  • nice frame. @PhilDAS has the 56 maybe he can help as a comparison re: sizing

  • @bigshape
    Not sure how much of a help I can be but we do have the same saddle height. I'm 187cm on a good day which is like 6ft 1 or 2 but I'm mostly body and not legs.
    I'm on a 56cm which is perfect fit for me really.
    Just chucked a tape measure at it to compare to your figures. My saddle is 100cm to the floor too, my bars 89cm with a low stack bearing cover and stem slammed. I don't know what your reach is like, I'm using a 120mm and not the shortest bars in the world

  • nice one, thanks for measuring!
    my bars are quite high at 92cm - i guess i'm not quite as flexible...
    on the caad 58 frame i think i would be able to run a 100mm stem slammed and get the same reach as on my current bike.
    i'm 97% convinced i can make it work.

  • If bigshape is not interested, I'm happy to be next in line. Looking to replace my 60 CAAD9 by a size smaller and ideally disk. I'm sure the purple ones are the fastest.

  • Not sure how much help this is but I'm 1.90m and rode a 58cm Caad10 with a 110mm stem slammed
    I used to have a 60cm cannondale frame years back that should have been in my size range but it felt too long for me.

    So I think @bigshape could maybe make this work if you normally ride a 56 - is there any way you could try a friends 58 anywhere?

    If I wasn't so skint I could have seen my self needlessly buying this just to have. Price with brakes is pretty good I reckon. Not to mention colours are rad af

  • i'm desperately trying to find out if it will fit and allow me to have a non stupid amount of post showing.
    a mate of mine has a 58 supersix which is similar geo so i've asked him to send me some info as well.
    i'm really keen on the bike just need a day to figure it out and unfortunately i'm stupidly busy with work atm.
    i'll try my best to figure it all out this evening and give a definitive answer tomorrow morning if @yeahdext doesn't mind holding it for me until then.

    apologies for not being an inch taller!

  • ok. i'll have the frame - life's too short.
    will PM to sort out the deets.

  • Yup. Drop me a PM...

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🟣CAAD12 Disc 58cm Purple + Hope RX4s & Purple bits 🟣

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