• Grateful for any input on this.

    From googling I see TRP 8.4 mini brakes were intended for campag and sram setups, and then they bought out the 9.0's for newer shimano levers due to different pull ratios.

    Does anyone know which set requires more pull? I assume the 9.0s require less pull, otherwise they wouldn't have had to bring a new version out as the 8.4s would have still done the job. Is that sound logic and correct?

    Used to use tekro mini-v's on my old cyclocross which were amazing, but when I had to replace my levers with newer Tiagra 4700, I never got them to work very well. Therefore looking to try some TRPs and am wondering which will be more powerful. I'm less concerned about clearance.

    Does a longer brake arm require more or less pull, and in theory which should be stronger?? I don't quite get the physics.


  • 105 levers and the 9s worked for me . Amazing rim crushing power.

  • A longer brake arm will require more cable pull so more lever throw - given the same levers were used on both brakes.
    In my head at least

  • @pacef8 - okay good to know thanks.

    @PhilDAS - yeah that's what I'd assume too. But it just makes me wonder why you wouldn't just run 8.4s on all systems because there'd surely be enough pull in all circumstances then? And they would actually also be stronger.

    Maybe I'm way overthinking this. I'll try and find some 9.0s and see how I get on.


  • Always read sheldon or zinn first:

    Mini V are worst of both worlds, get canti or proper V brakes

  • Breaking is overrated. 9 speed 105s and Dura Ace 9000 work with 9.

  • why you wouldn't just run 8.4s on all systems

    You'd run the 9.0 when you want more clearance on the top of the tyre (e.g. to fit in a large volume tyre plus mudguard). You'd find the rim clearance from the brake pad slightly worse than with 8.4s but manageable.

    (This is based on my experience)

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TRP CX 8.4 vs 9.0 - can someone explain V-brake mechanics to me??

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