Functional Argos bike

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  • How weighty is the fork once off?

    In fact - how about the frame? Got a scale to bang it on?

    You can see what I mean about grinding down that lip on the side of the dropout to open to 135mm

  • Following this for sure, would be cool to put some tall bmx bars on instead, with a bmx clamp so you could still fold them down if needed.

  • Sure I'll get some parts on the scales tomorrow.
    I see what you mean with the dropouts.

  • Yeah I have my eye on a set of bmx bars for this, haven't settled on a stem yet.

  • Frame weight on my Park scale was 1.68kg

    Fork (with crown race) - 1.2kg

    Chainset - 923g 😬

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  • Most of these parts are going into classifieds today.

  • Thanks for those weights. Frame isn’t as chunky as I fancied. Fork is though 🙅♂️

  • I'm quite impressed at almost getting a full kg out of a 150mm crankset

  • So I've started removing some paint, but the painting of the frame won't happen until the replacement fork is here (and can be painted at the same time) which will be a while!
    So this project is a bit of a slow burner!

  • Some things I haven't mentioned yet.

    The mud guards are steel, so they're staying, and remaining black. Might fit flaps.

    It'll have a rear pannier rack fitted once built. I want a QR seat clamp if possible so looking at fitting the pictured adapter to connect it to the brake bridge.

    Probably going for the cheapest Shimano hydraulic brakes I can get. Had an idea for a while to paint the calipers but it'd bring the tacky factor too high for my liking (I think 😬) and would probably chip and fall off after a few rides so I'm over that.

    Long aluminium seatpost to replace the hefty steel one. Since the post will be adjusted regularly it might be wise to just go for something silver.
    Toying with the idea of a turbo saddle or bucket seat to fit the aesthetic but not really making a decision on it yet (like everything else)

    Depending on how the rear hub situation goes I'm probably running a small front chainring and a small ratio on the cassette. This bike won't be going anywhere fast, it's for carrying stuff.
    On that note, the two gearing options I'm thinking of at the moment is choose a hub that has cartridge bearings and 36hole but with a quick release, so able to put a 10 speed Shimano MTB setup on it.
    Bodge some kind of external 3 speed on hubs that satisfy all of the criteria mentioned earlier. Would just have to be more careful about gear/sprocket selection. And I just might not be able to fit all 3 sprockets and it's a total fail anyway. Think I have a hub somewhere to test this option out.

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  • I just did this

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  • That’s smart

  • I'll most likely be using a rack that is designed to be used on a 20" wheel. So I'll have to see where those arms/struts will be most comfortably secured.

  • Rack and mount.

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  • Fork has arrived. So painting will start this weekend hopefully. The headset should be here sometime soon as well.

    It's fun racking my brains over hubs, but since other parts are turning up I've just quickly settled for some XT 6 bolt hubs (M756)

    Time to pick some rims.

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  • I've also found a backup rack if the brake caliper causes issues

  • Hey postie

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  • This rain might scupper plans to paint this weekend though.

  • Not much of an update but thought I'd say something as it's been a while. Front hub showed up about a week ago and I've swapped to a solid/nutted axle already.
    Rear hub was delivered this morning, no replacement axle for that yet.

    Bars haven't been ordered yet but sticking with bmx style. So just have to keep an eye out for a suitable stem, which will need a 31.8mm clamp so looking at mtb stems that will suit the build.

    Still haven't finished prepping the frame but it's all about 5 mins work. The more challenging part is finding good conditions to paint, it's been a bit cold recently and I don't have an indoor location to paint.

    Almost pressed go on some rims but just missed out. Tring hard not to use my Stay Strong Alienation Skylarks that I have on hold for a bmx build. Also don't think I'll be stealing the Big Baller from my other bmx.

    As it stands, I have a fancy (for the build at least) set of carbon cranks that I'm considering fitting but they're on the long side for the bike (170mm From memory). Alternatively I have some non branded stock mtb cranks I pulled off of a bike some time ago. 🤷🏽♂️🤷🏽♂️🤷🏽♂️ smartest move is to leave this as 'undecided until I'm closer to that stage of the build.

    So yeah, guess I should pick some rims so I know what spokes I need and find the right stem.

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Functional Argos bike

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