Functional Argos bike

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  • The fork and headset will take a while to arrive. The frame is almost stripped bare.
    So I've decided to a paint job on it that I wanted to do on a different bike.

  • This looks like a banger.

  • Paintjob might change opinions on this.
    Just ordered 3 cans.

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  • More inspiration, you get the idea

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  • And the perfect jersey

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  • Very interesting... this frame would make a nice e bike project with bafang mid drive that has been festering in the dark corners of my brian for many years.

  • excellent, this was on my moodboard too, along with the "falken s15"

  • Nice ^.^
    Paint has arrived.

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  • Nekkid frame

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  • The blue isn't as dark as I'd like but I'm not too fussy about it. The paint is likely to be applied badly and the bike will get knocked around/chipped from the start of it's use.

  • Following. Came across this bike when browsing for a mini-velo and wondered if exactly what you are doing is possible.

    Although if I do it its likely to take 2 years...

  • Following!

    Been looking at a mini velo project in the near future, though maybe based on a folding bike frame instead...

  • Lovely project, tempted by something like this too when funds allow. Just looking at the reviews on Argos and found this beautifully hideous 'steampunk' mod

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  • Eurgh. Each to their own 😅🤷🏽♂️

  • I'll get some abrasive stuff today hopefully.

    Now if I could only find something like this rear hub that would take a few more sprockets, I'd happily try out for 1x3 or 1x4 for a bit.

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  • Saint 801 would have been nice if it wasn't for the oversize CL

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  • Does it have to be a bolt-on rear hub? Novatec do a 130mm rear disc hub 10/11 speed, my old Charge had a 130mm rear end & I only noticed after I had built a new set of bloody wheels for it...­1/

    Edit - this is only showing as 32h, i'm sure the old 10 speed only number came in 36 too

  • Still thinking over the hubs most days. I don't think the ideal hub exists, I could sacrifice one of these things and find a hub easily: cartridge bearings, nutted/bolt on axle, 36 hole.
    But I'm trying to be stubborn

  • I' happily drop to 32 hole but finding that with disc brakes, gears, cartridge bearings and a solid axle is proving tricky. At 130 or 135.

    Also, I'm not attached to the 10 speed gearing.

  • After a bit more searching, I think there was an obvious 32h option, Hope Pro 4 bolt on.
    Just a bit more expensive than I was hoping for.

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    • Hope-Pro-4-MTB-Rear-Hub-10mm-Bolt-Up-Axle-Wheel-Hubs-Black-NotSet-RHP432N10BSA.jpg
  • Full custom, it's the only way!

    Speaking of Hope - the HB130 has a custom 130mm bolt through disc hub...

  • No love for an IGH? Alfine ticks all the boxes, and no nasty low-hanging derailleur to catch on things

  • But slightly less low hanging chain tensioner and an extra few hundred grams.
    Does sorta fit the car theme though.

  • Magic gearing? I have mine set up on a magic gear, works like a charm

  • I'm considering trying to bodge a 1x3 setup using one of the single speed hubs.

    I just thought igh is too much on the weighty side. Might see what a modern 3speed weighs.

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Functional Argos bike

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