• Child-friendly 20" wheel tandem frameset for sale. Full details available here: https://www.circecycles.com/products/hel­ios/

    Really flexible build options, can be run with flat or drop bars to suit your requirements. Rides really well solo and you can also build it up as a cargo bike with the rear seatpost replaced by a rack support. The photos on the website give you a good idea. The captain can be up to 6'5 I think (I am 6'3 and not at the seatpost limit) and the stoker can be as small as 5yrs old - tested and confirmed - or adult probably up to about 6'1.

    The frameset is in excellent condition and comes ready to build up with all the bespoke parts you need eg. telescopic rear seatpost, steerer extender, stoker stem, chain guide. Most of those parts are new including the fork.

    BBs are included front & rear and the capitain's chainset is on there. I even have the chain and timing rings. From here you can finish a build with components from pretty much any other type of bike. It has disc mounts front & rear, the front axle is 15mm and the rear is QR. I had it set up with a Rohloff which was great, I would recommend hub gearing but derailleur is also a lot less faff and easier to mend on the road for the average rider.

    We used it for school runs, pub runs, instead of taxis back from friends houses etc. We once did a TT on it. Awesome bit of kit. Circe themselves swapped everything missing from this onto the e-bike version as we're moving to a place which will involve a big hill to get anywhere from and want to keep the non-car miles as high as possible. Keen that someone else can do the same.

    More photos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/uXUcjFbyr9B5kM­3KA

    Not in London and obviously this is not going to be easy to post but I am on the road around London a fair bit with work so figured there was a chance some kind of meetup could be worked out.

    Looking for £550 £525

    I also have the disc brakes (cable, better for the weight so you don't boil the fluid) for it in another box which I took off with inners & outers fully-connected so you can just clip them back on. I could do these for another £40.

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  • What's the rear spacing?

    I've looked at all the photos, can't work out if the dropouts are horizontal - is it fixed conversion friendly?

  • Pretty sure spacing is 135mm but will confirm.

    Dropouts are plates which can be adjusted fore/aft like horizontal dropouts. Will take a better pic and add it to the album.

  • Dope!

  • Here's a pic of it set up for me and one of the kids - not sure when from exactly but I'd say the seat height is for a 6yr old in this one. Looks vaguely ridiculous with no-one on it like this, but it works really well.

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  • It might not be as hard as you think to post it. Isn't the the maximum length (rear drop to head tube) around 1.5m? which would allow you to post it using normal services.

  • Fair point.

  • How accurate is that max captain height? I'm a little taller but could be interested in building this up for me and daughter.

  • https://www.circecycles.com/products/hel­ios/faq/

    We designed the Helios to be one size fits nearly all! We’ve had front riders (the ‘Captain’) between 4’11” and 6’5″ and rear riders (the ‘Stoker’) between 3yrs old and 6′. The probability is that it will fit you, but if you are approaching the extremes, we recommend visiting a dealer for a fitting.

  • Think it would be too small for me in that case as I'm over 6' 5", thanks.

  • I have one of these and it is honestly fucking excellent. We had a gazelle cabby before which was great, but slow and heavy with a 6 and a 2 year old in. With the 6 year old on the back we've topped out on ours at 21mph on the flat - it makes the school run a lot easier. It also feels like a normal bike without a load on the back.

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  • Is this still available?

  • Same question here, still available? From website works for two adults as well

  • Sold

  • Now available again as purchaser has backed out due to change in circumstances.

  • Price drop, make me a reasonable offer!

  • £450 the lot? 😁

  • Sold

  • Now actually sold.


Circe Helios Tandem Frameset - Buy it, you won't regret it

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