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  • Not to squeeze the lever of used hydraulic shifters while this end is pointing at your face.

    What did you learn today?

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  • I learned a little more about the cuntishness of some musicians

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  • So Mick and Keith re-recorded tracks just to get full royalties between them rather than split between the original line up? Fuck me that’s petty!

    Always amazed at the lengths already stinking rich people will go to just to get a little richer.

  • I would have put it in Epic WTF but there are so many examples of this kind of behaviour that it isn't WTF.

  • I’m just glad you’ve saved me from the shame of a one post thread 😄

  • It needs promotion.

  • That bedding sets dont include sheets

  • The Mandarin syllable for a cat sounds a lot like ‘meow’.

  • Say that to my face fucker not online and see what happens

  • Ah. Genuinely sorry if I offended you.

  • Til 50% of Londoners (the poor half) own under 7% of the wealth in London. 10% of Londoners (the top) own over 40%.

    Also Croydon has a lower % of its population living in poverty than Chelsea, Kensington, Westminster, Lambeth.

  • Of the ‘Zone of Death’ in the USA where someone can theoretically get away with murder due to a possible loophole in the constitution­ath_(Yellowstone)

  • Robert de Niro wanted the lead role in Big.

    Oh gods, that's a film I would have watched.

  • That’s interesting. Also interesting how the discoverer raising awareness about the potential issue elevates the chances of it actually happening, like a legal basilisk of roko or something.

  • and today I learned about Roko's Basilisk

  • TIL about switch-hook dialing and abstracting electricity.­ing#Switch-hook_dialing

    As pulse dialing is achieved by interruption of the local loop, it was possible to dial a telephone number by rapidly tapping, i.e. depressing, the switch hook the corresponding number of times for each digit at approximately ten taps per second.[5] However, many telephone makers implemented a slow switch hook release to prevent rapid switching.

    In the United Kingdom, it used to be possible to make calls from coin-box phones (payphones) by tapping the switch hook without depositing coins. Unlawfully obtaining a free telephone call was deemed to be a criminal offense of abstracting electricity[6] from the General Post Office, which operated the telephone system and several cases were prosecuted.

  • This features in a scene of the best film ever made.

  • Circles are all the same shape, just different sizes

  • Bullshit. What about really tiny circles?

  • I know, right? Mindblown

  • What are spheres then? Fat circles?

  • Ramon "Phreak" from Hackers is also Ramon "Sally Can't Dance" from Con Air? Mind blown.

  • best film ever made

    (is Hackers)


  • Somebody made a special telescope to find out how good seals are at astronomy

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Today I learned...

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