Need serious help to repair bike

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  • Very well resolved Eseman!

  • Hey Panda1. Glad it worked out, welcome to LuFGuSS, 1st round is on you if meet-ups ever happen again ;)

    I don’t think @johnnettles2 or @Lolo were being rude, just bantering maybe. It happens a lot around here.

    @DoubtfulAce posted a helpful video so you can learn what each bike part is called, makes life easier.

    @edscoble also gave you some good advice. Viking bikes are economical entry-level bikes, so their parts won’t work as nicely or last as long as more expensive bikes and parts. Going to a local bike shop with good reviews and getting their advice and possibly a basic service can save you money and a lot of hassle down the line.

  • I know but the thing is as much as possible, if I can fix/do something by myself, I want to try to do it and it would be difficult to travel to and back from my local bike shop(I am talking about when my bike still had the problem and I can't cycle to and back from there)

    I just gotten a basic service(I assume general service and basic service are the same) for it 3 weeks ago. One question, how many times do you recommend getting a basic service done for a bike a year? Viking bikes can't last long? Why are they not known to be reliable?

  • I know to pedal forward not backwards. Will it cause a bad effect and is something not recommended to pedal without changing gears and after you stop cycling?

  • Why are they not known to be reliable?

    Cheap poor quality components

  • Cheers. Going to add remote volunteering to my job hunt CV. Mind if I list you as a reference?

  • I think maybe you're asking about changing gears without pedalling / whilst stopped. If so, then yes it's not great to do either of them.

  • Haha I will treat you to KFC!


    Indeed, I have watched a little due to time and stuff but I will continue watching
    and remembering all the lessons in the video when I am free of other things.

    I want an electric bike(I think they are the best and newest of bike types) but it is expensive. I will look into electric bikes more and compare them and every bicycle type with each other. I have just gotten a basic service(I assume basic service & and general service are the same) done 3 weeks ago. I can cycle faster and smoother after getting a basic service done!

  • They probably just pumped your tyres. You know you need to pump them about once a week.

  • Ha - no problem!

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Need serious help to repair bike

Posted by Avatar for Panda1 @Panda1