On One Pompino Versions

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  • I've searched for this but, as much as there're many pages of discussion given to this frameset and varying geometry, I can't actually see anywhere where the actual differences between versions in the Pomp range over the years are laid out. In other words, how do you know which version you have just by looking at it?

    I'm bored of looking now.

  • I idly googled this a while back. Not sure I found much before I gave up.

    Key differences seem to be:

    Rear spacing
    Rear canti hanger or not
    Later versions are disc brake

    And everything else I've forgotten to list of course.

    Has the rear wishbone changed over the years too?

  • Later versions are disc brake

    Really? I thought the pompetamine was disc but the pomp was always canti.

    Has the rear wishbone changed over the years too?

    yip. the latest version (4?) doesn't have the distinctive wishbone

  • Really? I thought the pompetamine was disc but the pomp was always canti.

    I figured pompino became disc brake option at same time? I thought pompetamine was about hub gears, but memory fades and Google suggests I'm indeed wrong.

    Proves SaMurray's point that a useful reference would be a great resource.

  • https://forum.velotaf.com/topic/22815-un­-kaff-a-cote-de-ses-pomps-on-one-pompino­-planet-x-kaffenback/page__st__543

    Back in the sands of time, when people UTFS etc, someone posted this link from a French site which might have some of what you want.

  • Apparently this nugget is from the original marketing copy:

    The Pompino will blow you away and leave you smiling after every ride ...

    Great bike, stupid name. Happy to help

  • Nice one. Thanks for this.
    By the look of things I have a V1.
    Just need to find it decent forks and wheels. They're 'orrid.

  • Doesn’t it go,

    V1 - 135mm spaced (but might have been a 120mm version available?)
    V2 -120mm spaced with canti hanger
    V3 - 120mm spaced no canti hanger
    V4 - no wishbone

    Pompetamine - 135mm spaced, disc mount.

  • that sounds about right. the colours and decals are some of the best clues but all the coolest guys have theirs resprayed

  • the coolest guys have theirs resprayed

    My v2 has had all the cable guides, brake posts, canti hanger and rack/mudguard eyes deleted. I drilled holes in the track ends and silvered in some m5 bosses.

    I hope it one day confuses the fuck out of some kind of bike archaeologist!

  • all the slick willies on antiques roadshow could always spot a bit of an aftermarket mod or repair to a chest of drawers

  • I have a V3, it's 120-spaced with a canti hanger.

    I thought V1 was 120, V2 was 135, they realised they fucked up, V3 went back to 120?

  • Mine is green. I know that much.

  • I've got a V1:
    No canti hanger
    Very pale blue - Trigger's Mum's Bathroom Blue according to the sales blurb at the time (I can remember that but not my own phone number!)
    Rear stays painted black (I can only assume that this was intended to give the impression that they were carbon and to match the carbon forks upgrade)
    Steel front forks pale blue

  • Something else to throw into the mix, seatpost sizes.

    My v2/3 is 27.2 but there's a 120mm canti hanger one for sale somewhere that says it takes a 26.8.

  • remove link, im buying this!!! hah!

  • Ta!

    Now mine...

  • ^ result!

  • Excellent.

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On One Pompino Versions

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