I'm going as the incredible hulk.

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  • be prepared to trash the paint and fix it after.

    Paint on the seat tube looks pretty bubbly already

    Guessing it has been heated up in some way already

  • Wow, what a mess!

    A variation on Ndeipi’s method: If you hang the frame upside down and plug the end of the seat tube with plasticine, you can pour your caustic soda in through the bottom bracket. That’s assuming the seat tube is open at the bottom bracket, which it usually is. You’ll have to hacksaw all those bits off flush first. That way you can do it without immersing the frame and you’ll be able to save the paint (probably not a concern here).

  • Thanks for the tips. Spoke to phil re repair once the post is out. Another idea is to lose the top, extend the slit at the back and thinking a bit about clamp placement. Really like the quill post idea, found this which fits the bill, in the states tho.

    The mangled mess is a result of the previous owners attempt with heat on the alu post, steel frame and yes the paint is already fucked. Again thanks for the tips.

  • I tried the upside down method and it works! But you will get foam rising up the seat tube and spilling out the BB shell, which will drip onto other areas of the frame and trash your paint. Lean the frame over a little from vertical so that the BB foam eruptions just hit the ground. Imagine you are dropping apples off the leaning tower of Pisa.

    In any case, the "filling the seat tube" method requires a lot of fluid changes. Like 10 changes or more. And let's face it, anyone on this thread is game for some faff and shenanigans. But where possible I would just use the bath.

  • Be careful with pivotal posts, you'll be limited to pivotal saddles which are mostly BMX. They can be comfy, sometimes a little short.

  • .

  • it's ok in the drain

    Could you alter that to 'foul water drain/sewer',
    i.e. tip the liquid down the toilet/wc?

    Many parts of London, and elsewhere in the UK, gulleys and grilles at the kerb in the roadway
    drain into local watercourses. Streams and rivers won't be able to cope with the influx of aluminium salts

  • Ok yeah that's a great point, hadn't thought that through.

  • Thanks for the positive response.
    I'm not certain the sewage works will be happy,
    but, they have the facilities to deal with the influx of aluminium salts.

  • Thank you both, sound advice.

  • Is there an ideal/better way of dealing with the waste?

  • They have hazardous waste disposal at the tip, I think.

    Where you getting your caustic soda from? @Ndeipi

  • I had great success with Caustic Soda on an old rescued pomp. Even made a little GiF.

    It is foul stuff when it gets going. Safety sunglasses and gloves a must. Took a couple of days of occasional top ups to get it done though. Full experience documented here: https://www.lfgss.com/comments/14421902/­

    End game:

  • Oooo bubbles, thanks I'll have a read, finished pomp looks ace.

  • @Settle I bought a couple of bottles of crystals from B&Q

    @Scrabble A gif!! Amazing. The frame is doing a good impression of a geyser.

  • Liberated the post. Thanks for all the tips that stuff is rank. If anyones got parts to get started I'm all ears.

  • I'm thinking to sand it back a little bit and fill in the black with a rattle can. Tried to neated up the seat tube as it was all mangled @PhilDAS have I made it worse? As this place is the closest I'll get to insta here's a alluring shot next to a pebble dash wall.

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  • No I think that much was going to have to come off anyway.

    Good stuff on getting it free, well done!

    Should be able to extend the slot and pop a clamp on there no problem

  • Thanks dude, will drop you a message.

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I'm going as the incredible hulk.

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