I'm going as the incredible hulk.

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  • Rather than asking random questions over the forum I figured I'd document my decent into madness here.

    Yuba Kombi

    Not a lot changed from stock apart from some bars courtesy of MV. Really changed the feel of the bike and in my head makes it like a bmx. Got the Yepp seat from sheppz on here also. Plan to change to hydros, add a front rack and hoping to convince phildas to knock up some bits like sideloaders an maybe some kind of modular monkey bar thing when I make it to him with a surly 1x1 project courtesy of platypus. Also I'm planning on making some bags from an old tent.

    Gillott Spear Road.

    Has a crack in the headtube that I'm keeping an eye on. Taken it down to vaz who reckons the top tube head tube and lug needs a repair at some point. Tempted to change the wheels and groupset for modern components this week but the thing just works together as it is.

    Heckling welcomed as it may be pretty obvious I've not idea what I'm doing.

  • How they currently stand. Yes the Gillott has a flat which leads me to my first point the jack brown tyres are shite for the roads round 'ere.

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  • Sub'd

  • Why did you put the yepp so far back?

  • Child suffers motion sickness?

  • For rad wheelies.

  • Gigantic backpack?

  • It's the only way the bike would fit in my storage shed under the stairs. I'd have to remove it every time if further along, which with this one, thule nexxt maxi, is a faff.

  • Heckling welcomed


    *points and laughs

  • Absolutely I value all your opinions and hold them in high regard. Am considering it a consolidation of heckling.

    Top heckle so far ...

    Why is everyone not riding these!?
    Because it gets super annoying when people ask you whether you have driven your bike into a brick wall lately on a daily basis.

  • Heckling welcomed

    saddle angles are making me feel queasy

  • Cheaper than a vasectomy.

  • Hmm will have a look I would recommend getting some fresh air if you are queesy.

    @hippy you know me so well already.

  • The space between the seat and saddle looks a bit wasted as it is. I guess the rails are too big for regular panniers?

  • On the subject of constructive criticism, what is wrong with you:

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  • I'm planning on making some bags from an old tent.

    That will use that space I hope.

    Gillott has a flat

    And I had to walk it home.

  • Artisanal bags from upcycled materials. I'm supporting this.

  • Also known as attempting to make shit out of rubbish.

  • This

    what is wrong with you

    Along with my recent purchase. Is making me feel there is definitely something.

    Anyone have pointers on using caustic soda to remove the seatpost?

    Do like the way it looks like a little metal flower and before anyone says grow up, I refuse.

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  • Has the top of the seat tube been cut open as well? How are you planning on getting a seatpost clamped?

  • @cheekysnaker Something like this?

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  • A quill post! Fair play. Good to see a frame being rescued so good luck!

  • Anyone have pointers on using caustic soda to remove the seatpost?

    Not me personally but I have heard lots of success stories.

    Worth speaking to a frame builder like Winston too, wont be expensive.

    Glad you are set on salvaging it :)

  • Not used him but he seems to get results. Might be a bit late for him though.


  • Caustic soda works but be prepared for a faff. And be prepared to trash the paint and fix it after. You'll need a decent container and a way to secure the frame upside down inside it. Long plant pots are good like the below from Wilko but obviously check they have no holes.

    Other than that... Work outside, wear gloves and glasses, be prepared for lots of foam to happen (only fill plant pot half way). If the frame feels hot then it's working, when it cools you need change the fluid. Which is really horrible shit. I got some on the grass and it burned a hole, didn't grow back for many weeks. But it's ok in the drain toilet because it's essentially drain cleaner. Just use lots of water to flush it.
    (edited from drain to toilet, because drains lead to watercourses and they won't like the aluminium salts)

    You might be able to do it in one or two baths. If you're filling a seat tube with fluid then it can't hold as much, so it gets spent quickly and then needs changing a few times.

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I'm going as the incredible hulk.

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