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  • I watched a couple of his videos when they popped up recently - one comparing the clamping force of a 5mm qr v 12mm thru-axle and another comparing various quick release skewers - seemed pretty good, I don't have much of a clue about engineering by any means but his explanations are good enough that it makes sense. 7/10 would watch again.

  • He does have a back and forth with Hambini on aerodynamics where they rib eachother lovingly in eachother's videos.­3-0

  • I don’t know why people get so agitated with others calling-out flawed design or industry misconceptions. It’s content of varying quality but it makes a change from press-release regurgitation.

    @amey is right though. VW did nothing wrong. Hotpoint customers faked their home infernos. Fracking is safe (I’d feed it to my child). Masks don’t work and Trek would never mislead to you.

  • chris king headset !

  • VW did nothing wrong. Hotpoint customers faked their home infernos. Fracking is safe (I’d feed it to my child).

    No1 gives flying shit about £3K bikes tho, pocket change compared to all those things. Esp cars which are gloriously badly designed.

  • pocket change compared to all those things

    Damn, what kind of baller washing machine do you have?!

  • cycling ... who cares 🤷♂️

    I don’t think that suggests bikes have better quality engineering or more-honesty in marketing.

    If anything ... worse and less.

  • Bad engineering should get called out. I've got a shit list of bike parts that have proven to be massively flawed and should have never made it to market and I'm sure most people here have. At least the guys making these videos explain and demonstrate the problems in a thorough way. Whether you like the way they deliver it or not it has to be better than just stating that something is shit on twitter or whatever by simply posting a picture and saying something like look what happened to this "shocking" or don't buy this product.

  • Frame manufacturers are so shit though; Trek has a current dealer notice regarding one of their frames where the seat tube exceeds Shimano specs and fouls the front RD adjustment so they are telling dealers to stick a 1mm shim on the DS crank which they hope will still let you attach the NDS crank. They aren’t even sure it will so advise the mechanics to check the little tab will drop into place.

  • Yeah someone should make a video about it.

  • subscribed.

  • It's all just Married at First Sight Australia for MAMILS

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Peak Torque on YouTube

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