Custom build to do (nearly) everything...

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  • If it was me I'd have it coming out the DT and under BB. Leave the BB BSA, simplest and cheapest. I'd rather have it inside the chain stay again but maybe is a faff for the builder

  • Why not just use a T47 BB shell then?

    All internal routing is far tidier on a disc braked bike, external routing has it's small benefits, but it just looks like a bodge job.

  • That's correct - I'd assumed it was only the boujie-builders that line with stainless tube - it seems I'm wrong and everyone does it...

  • This is broadly where I'm at and I feel like I've enough research to begin talking to a builder about it.

  • I said BSA because I like the system, plenty of choice for not a lot of money. Cables going out under the BB is not as unsightly as a full hose run under the DT.
    I guess it's possible to go all in with a big T47 shell but you'll get expensive BBs and surely it's more time consuming/expensive to get built.
    Worth asking the builder anyways

  • In the end I've decided to go BSA on the BB
    Cable run will be internal through DT then out and under BB and external along the stays.

    I've started amassing some kit in a box under my desk too. I've got JuinTech calipers, hope Pro2 hubs (QR front, Evo 12 x 142 rear), Cliq Weaponz cranks with Ultegra BB & Rival shifters/mech/cass.
    Gearing will be 1 x 10 (36 x 11-34) I've got some 32h WTB frequency rims so my next job while I faff around with frame design will be to build the wheels.

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  • meddled about a bit with the position of bridges for mudguard mounting.
    For neat mounting of mudguards with 28mm winter tyres, the bridges clash with summery gravel tyres. In the end I prioritised clearance for 47mm off-road tyres and will create custom fixtures to go from bridge to mudguard as and when I need them...

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  • Just finished off the model and done the geometry check, everything looks right and ready to roll.

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  • Not 100% sure about colour.
    Since it's a utility bike I think it should be a utility colour, straight basic powdercoat, 1 colour.

    My first thought was Traffic Grey B - RAL7043
    Back in the day I used to design Arena Seating and that was the default metalwork colour. Kind of makes sense for a road bike but possibly a bit boring...
    I then went down a grubby rabbit hole looking at various military colours RAL6031 7013 & 8027...

    Finding pics of bike frames in these colours was more edifying than looking at photos of military hardware...

  • 6031 Matt


    I wasn't particularly taken by any of them and was finding myself heading into farrow & ball territory (RAL 7032 etc) nice colours but I'm not really feeling them. Finally my military/utility coloursearch led me to RAL7021 Schwarzgrau which is feeling about right, especially with the lairy anodising (red hubs, green calipers and probably gold caliper bolts )

  • That 7021 looks extremely nice.

  • Yes, I quite like the blueness that comes through on this - more interesting than the Traffic grey but without losing the utilitarian feel

    (RAL7043 Traffic Grey B)

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Custom build to do (nearly) everything...

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