Kona Cinder Cone '92

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  • I picked up a super clean 19 inch Kona Cinder Cone '92 frame and Project 2 fork from @Ottomanotter towards the end of last year on a bit of a whim, no real need for it nor much of an idea of what I wanted to do with it but given the condition it was too good an opportunity to pass.

    Fast forward about a month or so and I stumbled across some Shimano WH M 535 wheels in great condition that @WimVDD was kind enough to ship to me from the continent in the immediate aftermath of Brexit. It just so happened that he had an XT V-brake set up he was also willing to part with; despite concerns of things getting held up everything arrived super quick.

    Didn't fancy a period correct 3X setup (ignore XTR groupset in pic), simplicity winning over authenticity here and I picked up a very lightly used Shimano Zee groupset off the bay. A pair Kenda Small Block tyres has been ordered and that's as far as I've got.

    Would welcome hivemind's thoughts on seatpost (26.4), saddle and cockpit. I really like moto style bars like the Whisky Millhouse but that's obscenely expensive. Not totally wedded to moto bars, just something comfortable with a good amount of rise, decent backsweep and that doesn't look totally shit.

    Hoping to have this ready to mess around on once the weather starts to warm up a bit... yes, that is deliberately vague as I'm notoriously bad at putting things together or anything that requires even the simplest bike mechanic skills in fact.

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  • Nice, following!

  • Happy I could add something to the build. :-) Following!

  • Awesome project! If you want to try the moto style bars, maybe get a cheap used motocross bar and pair it up with a 22.2 BMX stem? I managed to bodge together that setup from under 20 bucks.

  • Nice. These 90s konas are ace.

  • Good point that, cheers! Definitely up for trying a cheap bodge first and see if moto bars are the way to go. I like the look of them but might not get on with them in practice.

  • This is gonna be awesome. Was that XTR gruppo yours?

  • Not mine, @Ottomanotter is your man. No idea if he's still got it.

  • I believe I bought it from him. 😊

  • And it's on my 1997 Ritchey Project 20. 😊

  • Rad!

  • I hate you. How is it? Link me to said build of radness!

  • It's... euh... unfinished. Was waiting untill I had the Sid serviced. It's not the bike I want to ride in tbis weather and that's why I'm not speeding up on it.

    Here's the build thread: https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3295­36/

  • This looks fun. keen to see the finished product! When I was 17 I put some uncut gold motocross bars on my Dad's Marin East Peak that must have been 800mm wide. It looked absolutely ridiculous.

    @pizzarack has a nice odyssey bmx stem going at the moment that was a bit short for me.

  • Sitrep - thought I'd start by removing the bottom bracket, could not be shifted for love nor money so I've given it to LBS to deal with. Headset also felt notchy so I've asked them to pop that off whilst they're at it.

    In other news, idle hands and a few single malts earlier in the week led to the thought of trying to colour match the old Kona logo somehow, cue arrival of purple and green cables yesterday. No doubt in my mind they'll look ridiculous!

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  • Decided to splash out on the Stooge Moto bar; 800mm wide, 38mm rise and 17 degree sweep. Will pair it up with a 40mm Hussefelt stem. Haven't got the slightest idea if this will work with the Kona geo or how it'll handle, just taking a punt that it'll be rideable.

    Few other bits and bobs arrived in the past couple of days, waiting for headset and still haven't made my mind up on saddle.

    I think I have some DMR V8s in a box somewhere as well as some ODI grips.

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  • Looks cool. Eager to see it finished.

  • stooge bar and bx "thomson" post? a person of culture i see 🧐

    excited to see the build

  • No major developments here, popped by the LBS today to see how they were getting on with the seized BB: 'It's loosened up a bit, work in progress...' was the verdict. Confirms that I would have stood a snowball's chance in hell of getting that off. Hopeful they'll have it off towards the end of the week. Headset arrived, went for a black Tange Seiki which I'm sure will be more than adequate.

    Undecided on saddle, a 90s Flite Titanium would be class but they're a bit spenny and not sure if they're all that comfy. Turbo perhaps? or maybe something modern like a Scoop Radius would be more apt/comfortable?

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Kona Cinder Cone '92

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