• Have been hoarding this because it’s amazing but but the jacket is a bit too tight and the trousers bit too short. For reference I am a leggy 6’3 with 38 chest, 31 waist. I think you need to be 36 chest and 6 foot maximum.

    Jacket measures 53cm p2p laid flat.
    1/2 waist in the trousers is 38cm (unstretched) to 48cm.

    All taping, zips, velcro etc. is perfect. There is a small nick in the outer fabric near the crotch but the membrane is still in 1 piece. Very slight amount of tarnishing to the reflective logos, mostly the ACG one on the trouser leg. Overall is in pretty excellent condition and probably as good as you’ll get short of buying deadstock.

    £140 collected N4. Postage at cost but might take me some days to find the time/mentally prepare myself to stand in the queue.

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  • Trousers:

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  • Hey, royal mail do collections now, it’s great. Lovely gear, would buy for my kid but bit out of my price range.

  • I live in a converted commercial unit and they struggle to find my address as it is 😅

  • have you worn it in the rain at all? a lot of 20+ years old gore-tex i've come across hasn't held water anymore...

  • I’ve worn the trousers out cycling in some pretty sh*t weather over the last couple of months and they’ve been fine over a 4ish hour period. - in heavy rain the face fabric gets saturated but they still kept me dry. Only worn the jacket once in a light shower and it beads up, but assume in same condition as trousers.

  • fair enough, i’d be all over these if the colour was something more 90s than black. glws

  • Bump £130

  • Would also consider trading for something interesting/useful in size M with a bit of cash in whichever direction is appropriate if needed

  • Bump £120

  • Bump £110

  • I noticed a couple of knicks and a bit of oil at the bottom of the RH trouser leg, so now £80

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  • I had the same jacket years ago, think it was about £30. Did they increase in value or something? It was a good jacket to be fair.

  • To be fair I don't think any gore-tex paclite jackets have had an rrp of £30 even 20 years ago!
    But price still might be slightly optimistic for 20 year old kit

  • I don't mean to sound like a dick but ebay buy it now prices are not a good price guide.
    The seller can ask for what ever they like but it doesn't mean it will sell for that price.

    I've sold quite a lot of clothes on ebay recently. One item was a sought after adidas equipment jumper. At the time there was one on ebay with a buy it now price for around £140 - mine sold for £50
    Nike acg stuff with tags still attached or in near new condition can fetch those higher pricers.

    Again, I dont want to sound like a prick, I generally wouldn't comment on the price of anything on the classifieds but rather just some friendly pointers :)

    Edit - for what its worth if this matching pair was a size that would fit me at 6ft3 44chest 95kg then even at £80 if it was all still waterproof I'd have been slightly tempted!


  • Not being a dick either... but I’m not asking anywhere near those prices + the jacket is in near new condition. I was just pointing out the jacket is probably worth more than 30 quid.

  • Yeah absolutely!
    Not sure where £30 comes from tbh, rrp would have been atleast over 130 or so

    But anyway, soz dont mean to derail thread :)

  • moved to eBay 🤣

  • Ha! Honestly worth a punt!

    I had a load of stuff listed here that didn't sell then moved it all to ebay and sold for more than I expected

  • dm'd

  • Nike Paclite jackets have generally been £200+ new, having bought two in the last decade.

  • Yep this. I had one for snowboarding in the 90s for £35 from TKMaxx.
    I then bought trousers for £20

  • I reckon the one @Alf0nsense and I bought was similar looking without the Goretex / Paclite, quick Google shows they did different versions. Didn't mean to derail @lmananimal, it was a good jacket. The netted pockets holed quick on mine.

    Edit: mine was the Minima version with pointless vents under the arms.

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Nike ACG 1990’s Gore-Tex paclite jacket + trousers (matchy matchy) size S

Posted by Avatar for lmananimal @lmananimal