• 1] 26" Ritchey Mega Bite 2.1 Tyres. Life left in these! Need a clean but look good. Here they are in happier times - GONE

    2] 26" Hans Damph / Racing Ralph Tubeless - plenty of life in these lovely tyres. RR is 2.1" HD doesnt say. maybe 2.3"?

    3] Brompton front wheel. Not completely fucked. theres a small about of daylight when straight edge pressed against the braking surface - GONE

    4] GB mudguards or fenders. I have the stays around somehwere I promise. Need to dig them out. No hardware though. guess they would clear a 30c tyre - GONE

    I am out delivering charity stuff tomorrow morning can deliver to you - or you can take a nice trip to Brockley. Also out Tuesday all day.

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  • would love 1 and 4 if poss!

  • 3 if its still going

  • 3&4 Gone. Any one like some free 26" tyres? one set for your city commuting tyre riding. One for trails.

  • Hi, I'd like the Ritchey tyres if you'd post to Manchester?

  • Think @lynx is goign to take the ritchey's - waiting to hear back.

  • Just the Schwalbe's left


Free: Ritchey / Hans Damph / Racing Ralph Tyres / Brompton Wheel / GB Mudguards

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