Hip Replacement 04/02/21

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  • Sorry to hear...hoping you make a swift recovery. Let me know if help needed although am kind of the other side of town as far things go.

  • Gustav, thanks for the offer you never know what comes up.
    My news is that I started to walk without crutches inside the house yesterday and I have been doing the physio exercises though I have to work off an app as 90% of the NHS physio therapists have been transferred to other duties because of Covid.

  • Going to drop you a PM Zebra re physio

  • Sorry to hear this. Hope the physio goes well.

    I had a crash almost three years ago in Whitechapel, and as a result ended up with a dynamic hip screw, so a slightly different outcome for me. Extremely positive praise for the team at the Royal London. I wasn't weight bearing for 3 months, so there was lots of work to do to get back to health.

    I was cycling before i was properly walking. Your revovery will be different I think. I enjoyed switching my cycling to a more chilled out ride mtb style while recovering.

  • I managed to break a neck of femur while turning up a hill out of the saddle (DERV on the road). Twenty-something years ago. They considered a hip replacement but decided to screw it instead. I was out in a week or so, on crutches for a few weeks, then sticks for a while, but not had a problem with it since apart from the odd twinge. I'd already broken both femurs on a motorcycle a few years earlier so maybe I'd notice the hip more if I wasn't distracted by that.

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Hip Replacement 04/02/21

Posted by Avatar for Zebra_Cyclist @Zebra_Cyclist