Hackney Peddler Unpaid Internships?

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  • Hey all, long-time lurker but infrequent user so apologies in advance if this has already come up elsewhere on the forum. A friend of mine brought this to my attention today: Hackney Peddler trying to get students to clean bikes for free and calling it an unpaid 'internship'. I know all businesses are struggling atm but this is super dodgy and also illegal. If people on here know the business owners think it would be good to get the word out and have them take it down or offer a paid position. Lots of other independent bike shops could try to pull this shit and don't and imo these guys should be held to the same standard.
    Here's the link to the job advertisement, hopefully they'll just realise that they've made a mistake and nothing more comes of it.

  • Looking on the latest post on their insta, other people have called it out and had their comments deleted. Pretty disappointing.

  • Yeah not good at all really is it? Hopefully enough pressure will help them see sense and sort themselves out.

  • We may offer you training on basic bike maintenance such as puncture repair

    But maybe not.

  • Worked a ‘trial’ day then offered zero pay there a while back. Well done for calling them out. AVOID.

  • But maybe probably most definitely not.

  • They have just deleted their post on IG...

  • 'We occasionally provide lunch for our hard working team'

    lol sign me up

  • Lol. Sells biekz for grands then can't pay someone a decent wage... shakes head

  • "We occasionally provide lunch for our hard working team."

    Get outta here

  • Fuck me, what a piss take. Award for most Tory bike shop goes to.....

  • Always nice to get something when you don't have to ask for it. Oh wait, I'll take a living wage actually.

  • Looks like it’s now been edited to advertise for a volunteer rather than an unpaid intern. Here’s a screen grab from the OG ad

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  • Yeah this is disgraceful. I don't even agree with unpaid trial shifts, though I've had to do many in the past.

    I got used by someone when I had first left school through a job centre scheme. It was suppose to be 1 month of free work and then possibly being hired. The guy kept asking if I could do 2 more weeks or a week at a time for free with the promise of paid work at the end. It went on for 2 months as I was desperate and didn't know any better. The job centre were fully aware of it and didn't do anything.

  • job centre were fully aware of his and didn't do anything.

    Not surprising at all

  • "...the mutual benefits of volunteer work"
    Or in my world, the free-pitch project which "will look so great in your portfolio, think of all the work you'll win" etc. ad nauseam.)

  • Yeah don't think the 'volunteer' title is much of an upgrade to be honest. People shouldn't be working for free on the conditional possibility that they 'may' get a job after a few months.

    "Our last Volunteer, who came forth and offered her time, has now taken a living wage paid position and is a valued member of our team. "

    Good for her but doesn't make you any better for exploiting the fact that people everywhere are so desperate to find jobs at the moment. They should've given her a job from day one instead of making her 'prove' herself before they decided to take her on.

    Edit: Also, funny how she's only being considered a 'valued' member of the team now that she's fully employed by them. Wonder what she was before that...

  • Maybe we should all send our CVs.

  • Wow, now they they are claiming they want to help people with lockdown boredom by offering unpaid work.

  • Wonder what she was before that...


  • Do they accept kids? I've got a couple of 6 year old twins I wouldn't mind getting rid of during the day.

  • pretty sure these folks are on here...

  • This is so wrong. That's one bike shop that won't be seein any of my wages.

  • If not, a trench coat and fake beard might work.

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Hackney Peddler Unpaid Internships?

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