Hope riser stem 50mm x 20 degree

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  • Added projector and a lapboard. Perfect lockdown gaming set up!

  • I'll never forget this 😐

    Haha enjoy, I'm just greedy, I run 50mm spank bars on one bike and love them.

    Lets see your bike when the 60mm risers are on!
    I might start a spank high rise owners club thread...

  • Can I take the projector please?

  • All's fair in Love, War and Bike Parts.... I have been on the hunt for a pair for a while. I have a Ti Inbred with silly short head tube (pic on my build thread) which I am slowly collecting parts for a rebuild, but still need some forks. If I dont get on with them I will message you.

  • Haha thanks dude, pretty sure they will work well for you on the inbred. At first the back and up sweep on my 50mm felt a tiny bit strange but now prefer it over the bars on my other bikes.

    Edit - just seen that head tube - tiny!! Ti inbreds are cool tho, hardly ever see them

  • Talking about high rise bars I'm getting these in near future.


  • Holy-high rise batman!

    Hadn't seen those before. Very meaty price though...

    Remember in the days around 2000ish when riser bars actually meant 50mm?

  • I have just fitted that 12 speed stuff to a bike. Very nice . Was tempted to buy this stuff and do another bike.

  • You still can, it's all here.

  • I'll take shifter - pm'd

  • Which is hardly worth it when 11 speed range is already so expansive. 10t sprocket is the selling point for 12 speed.

  • As far as I can tell only new Deore 11 speed goes up to 51t and that's not compatible with the older models. I'd happily go back to 9 speed if there was a groupset with 11-51 range cassette with similar quality to what Shimano makes right now.

  • 10t sprocket is the selling point for 12 speed

    Sure it is one of the selling points but not the sole selling point. As stated its the over all wider range.
    A lot of folk say they end up not using the big 50t ring very often and I fall into that camp but it's nice to have it there for a horrible climb or very techy climb.
    The 10t I hardly ever use either, it's rare when I'm going so fast on a mtb that Id need the extra torque of the 10t to keep going. Usually if I'm going that fast it tends to be going downhill and pedaling isn't necessary... But again nice to have the option.

    Its fair to say that most who do a lot of mountain biking have adopted 12 speed and found atleast some benefit over 11 speed

  • Good stuff. Would have taken cranks, rd and shifter but, you know, brexit.

  • You can. the cassettes exist and you just need a goat link hanger, of which there are many. Your main concern will be the massive jumps between gears.

    @TotalShanner Not disparaging the existence of 12 speed. I'm all for it, but 11-46 was already there, and 50t expander cogs have been about for a while for 11 speed, hence my comment about the 10t since you want the benefit of both on an MTB.

  • Haha I didn't mean to sound so defensive there.
    Ya I see what you're saying, with expanders etc you could get the range but suffer with bigger tooth jumps, for the average Joe it's no big deal.
    But a lot of the other average Joe's feel like unless they have the same kit as world Cup level racers then life's not worth living...

    And now I think about it, sram actually had 10t cog on 11 speed xd cassettes... but I suppose you couldn't put expanders on those ones

  • I tried the expander+extender and it never really worked properly. 11-46 doesn't work for weaklings like me. Every time I get to that disgusting climb up SDW at the end of london to Brighton off road ride I wish for an even lower gear.

  • updated sold items.
    will add silver TUBUS Vega rack later.

  • I’ll buy the 70mm raceface stem if still available please.

    Will PM now.

  • Bump price drop on sir 9

  • if anyone wants the dropper, it doesn't quite fit my too small frame
    postage or collection from north london

  • If you ever consider posting the Niner let me know

  • If I had the box I'd be happy to post. Sourcing one now is a bit difficult with all the local bike shops being closed.

  • I work for Evans and it's still open, unfortunately.

  • What were the dropper details? It’s no longer on the first post. Unless you meant the fork, in which case I’ll take it!

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Hope riser stem 50mm x 20 degree

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