• Hey,

    I’m trying to bleed my front Rival 1 hydro brake and am having a problem when pushing the fluid from the syringe into the calliper. No fluid is going in at all. I’ve bled these brakes once before and everything was fine. Any ideas?



  • And I did make sure both clips were undone before bleeding.

  • Got the syringe on the right lever? I did that once. Also they're a fucking pain in the arse to bleed, took me 3x last time to get them to work

  • Lol. Yeah got the right lever.

  • Could be a block, could be user error. Can you open the port and fluid goes out? Are both ends open? Then it should go in.

  • on some hydro brakes if the adjuster for lever reach is wound too far in/out then it wont bleed. Id look under the lever body for the adjuster on the piston throw.

  • That's something to bear in mind, but if you have them wound in toofar they'd touch the bars, they've got a long throw to them.

  • id imagine its wound out that blocks them as the bleeding advice is to start with them strapped back to the handlebars

  • Hey, thanks for your replies on this. I think I realised what I might have been doing wrong. I assumed the reach bolt which is visible on the inner of the shifter controlled both the gear paddle and the brake lever. I’ve now realised there are two separate reach bolts that control either lever. I’m gonna adjust the brake reach and see if has any affect on the bleeding. Thanks again. Tom.

  • Tried this again after moving the lever reach to different positions but I’m still not able to push brake fluid through the system. Anyone got any ideas? Possible blockage in the hose? It’s strange as the brake was working fine before sending it off to Sram for a warranty on the broken gear shifting. Now the gears work but the brake doesn’t... Facepalm emoji.

  • Why don't you isolate it first. First remove hose from shifter (it's a faff) and see if there's any debris there.
    Then reconnect and remove hose from caliper, see if fluid moves through system. If it does, then move on further down the system. Connect syringe to calipers and push fluid through, see what happens.

  • If you squeeze the lever does it move at the caliper?

  • Thanks for this. Just tried that and the shifter doesn’t move any fluid through the system.

  • There’s no movement in the caliper or any affect on the fluid.

  • So, looks like the brake hose has got blocked somehow. Anyone know if you can unblock a hose? I’ve read that using a gear cable to unblock it might work. Anyone tried this before?

  • I don't see why not. I've seen a mechanic flushing it out with an airshot, if you have one.

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Break fluid not going into Rival 1 calliper when bleeding.

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