Cervelo R3 carbon frame & fork - 58cm SOLD

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  • Cervelo R3 carbon frame & fork


  • When did you strip this down?
    The cable routing for the front mech is not through the frame. The cable runs via the cable guide (visible in close up pics) on the down tube to the plastic guide under the bb then up through a hole in the bb shell and out of the top hole which is also visible on the close up pic of the bb, seat tube and chain stays .

  • Yesterday. Thank you for clarifying re cable routing

  • Disappoint no mention of Squoval™

  • Looks really great this

  • Built up

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  • Contemporary Cervelos look great phhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • price drop

  • Great frame, best of luck with the sale

  • I don't understand the rationale behind the super tall headtube on a race bike, even running a minus 17 stem on the low stack cover being supplied you'd struggle to reach the position of the older frames (I've long arms and run a -17 on a 177 headtube and wouldn't get this to fit - pity, because I'd like to try the r3). I'm sure there are Cervelo forums that have done this to death but when you see the frame outside of that sort of context you see the change in proportions quite clearly... riotsquad, did this work for you?

  • totally agree, i do not like at all, a tall headtube on a race bike.

  • I absolutely loved riding it! I'm 6'3 and it fit me perfectly.

  • Great. So size down.

  • I think what I'm getting at is my dislike of the huge headtube/38c tyres/motorbike brakes, decorated twin-tone blubber school of contemporary road bike design which the R3 is definitely not, or so it still seems to me.

  • I’ve owned both a R3 and a S3 with this geo and had to run a a similar low stack cover to get a normal position. The pro team bikes from that era all seems to run even more extreme stem/bar combos to get low enough too.

    I think the reason is because, although it’s a pro level bike, ultimately Cervelo (any everyone else) need to sell bikes to rich middle aged men, and having pros riding the bikes is just a means to advertise them to the aforementioned middle aged men.

    Anyway, apologies for the derail. It’s a great frame and one of the smoothest bikes I’ve ridden even with 23mm tyres. I’d quite like my old R3 back!

  • And that's the rub, who would buy a contemporary Cervelo knowing that much? (Not to disparage the seller's nice bike going for a very reasonable price too much.)

  • If the frame is not the correct size for you please take any further discussion outside of the classifieds.

  • sorry

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  • If you are tall you have to have a tall head tube!! Its about fit at the end of the day not looking Pro! The ride of the R3 & R5 is sublime, they aren't designed to be out and out aero bikes like the S or P series, they offer compliance and comfort. The R series was about light weight and a perfect climbing bike, why do you need to be slammed when climbing or riding cobbles!! Some of these comments are just about vanity and not common sense.
    I'm surprised its still for sale as it a cracking bike for that money. #savetherimbrake

  • so right.

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  • .

  • price drop

  • Price drop

  • Any sensible offers?

  • There's no doubt the R series is comfy, I rode Brum- South London on my R2 with Velofex clinchers/ latex inners and it was the proverbial magic carpet.
    The fit comments are valid though, I run a 130mm -6 stem on mine and I'm still upright. Will probably end up with a 130mm -17 stem. I don't think Cervelo are alone in doing this though, most modern bikes seem to be built this way.

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Cervelo R3 carbon frame & fork - 58cm SOLD

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