Planet x ultralight titanium CNC brakes

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  • Bit grubby could do with a clean up
    Not used much but have been sitting in the garage for ages
    Are the CNC versions with all the titanium bits
    Start at £70 posted

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  • 1st Dibs

  • 2nd dibs!

  • Unlikely 3rd

  • 4th - just in case!

  • Sold!

  • another cycling item going up in price !

  • Welp, I wasn't the lucky winner in this case 🤷🏽♂️

  • lucky winner

    I don't suppose anyone else here was either?

  • I am the lucky winner. Trust me it is a curse as much as a blessing - my dormant weight weenie tendencies have just been activated. I am thinking only in grams now. Why am I ripping all the bar tape off my bikes? Why do I have this insatiable urge to drill holes in everything?

  • Congrats 2nd dibs, it's all good, grams is grams, I'm only shaving little bits off the bike I wanted these for as well

  • I caught myself shopping for lightweight cables yesterday and had a word with myself.

    What bike are you shaving?

    On my 653 project these Planet X brakes are replacing Chorus skeleton brakes - roughly a 100-110g saving.

  • It's a little Giant road bike (not mine) that has some old tiagra brakes currently, just on the lookout for something lighter and preferably black. Still looking 🕵️♂️ something like these would be ideal!

  • i have a pair of those, possibly not the cnc model, but should be 250 grams with pads.
    edit : under 200 grams with pads ! i might have to think again about selling them

  • 2nd dibs!

  • Reynolds 653? Have you drilled it yet?

  • The Jagwire light weight cables are probably the best cables on the market, so crack on.

  • @Acliff - I'm going to try and drill it today actually... but I'll only be attacking the BB cups seized in place.

    @Dogs - Yeah I actually found a set of Jagwire KEB-SL in a box and they are slightly more lightweight than normal outers, so that satisfied me. I also shelled out £11 for some Alligator gear outer. After browsing throughsets of iLinks and Aican cables priced at £50 this seemed like a good compromise.

  • @psg1ben If it makes you feel better these are a pain in the arse to set up

  • 💚

  • They do also seem to pop up on eBay for £55-75.

  • Yup, I've had a alert on

  • would love some of these pink ones which went for a bargain £35­20/

  • Oh nice, they'd actually suit the bike I'm working on pretty well

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Planet x ultralight titanium CNC brakes

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