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  • Not much to update, but my Dawes got new wheels. Not supersexy, just Deore hubs laced to 36h rims. Should last me a while, hopefully. Did a good weekend camping trip to break them in, and even though it was really wet and muddy, they felt much better than the old Bontrager things I had on the Dawes.

    A wheel that didn't survive the weekend was the front wheel of the GT! I slipped out on a shitty road, my girlfriend couldn't stop in time, rode into me/my bike, and got launched. Resulting in us being sore for a few days, and her front wheel being wonky. Nothing that can't be fixed!

  • Alright, time for a new project. Picked up a Batavus Apache cheap and around the corner from my house. It's nothing special but still a decent frame, maybe a little big for me. No before photos but I did do a quick mock up to test the size.

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  • I have also stopped riding the Dawes bonded aluminium frame, since there is a lot of creaking and flexing in the bottom bracket lug. So much flex that I can push the chainstay into the tires. Don't trust it anymore!

    So now I'm sort of switching to riding the Nishiki we have in the stable, but I am still undecided if it is the right bike for me or not. Maybe I just want to build something else...

  • Did I buy another bike yes? Is it too big? Nah. Am I in love?

    1992/1993 Specialized Sequoia in absolute terrific state. Never bought a second hand steel bike with less signs of use. So many cool parts too!

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  • But I don't care about period correctness or original parts too much, really. This is going to be my new bikepacking/gravel/underbiking bike. Some people might cry because I removed the fancy dynamo system, sorry!

    The front rack might be useful sometime, for now I've stuck the pizza rack on it for looks. Will transfer parts from the nishiki onto it tomorrow.

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  • Looks great!

  • Sequoias are a nice choice, very elegant. Looks great already!

  • @txkxo thanks both!

    I built it up already, went easier than I expected with tropical temperatures in the workshop.

    This bike is so nice that I will take it out for proper photos later this week, instead of my standard studio photos.

  • Lush bike!

  • This one is too nice. Small changes for the fit are left, installed 44mm raddlers today, had to go out and feel this thing. Man.

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  • Cool! I did a cycling trip in south east Asia on one of those frames. Nothing fancy but actually handles really well

  • Thanks! Yea it's nothing fancy, but so simple that it looks so good. Do you have any photos from that tour?

  • this is so hot wtf 😰

  • Sure! Going through these old photo's made me miss touring so much!
    The headtube is pretty short so I used a Velo Orange stem with a lot of rise. I used 40mm tyres, it has quite some clearance.

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  • Looks minty fresh, more pics please!

  • Looks great! Like a proper touring mule. i think I'll make it a flat bar thing, front rack, 7 speed, picknick/city tourbike sort of thing.

  • @Maj thanks both! More pics soon, possibly.

  • While switching bars/stem I fucked up my left srame brake lever and now it doesn't clamp anymore. Replacement on the way, have to frankenbike it in the meantime...

    Thoughts about the Pro lt gravel bars: just regular road bars with short reach and somehow the word gravel on them.
    Pedals are swapped for double sided spd's, as you do.

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  • wow! incredible stuff! love your builds! and mostly parts bin!!! kinda...
    soo good!

  • thanks! lots of parts bin although most of it just gets switched over from frame to frame when it's a build for myself.

  • I am still skipping the step where I take nice photos of the sequoia . This is sort of the setup for a 200km ride I have planned on sunday. After Sunday I'll swap some stuff again in preparation for a three week rip around the Ardennes, maybe some Germany too.

    The bad news: smashed my ankle doing something stupid at work so I hope it's not a deal breaker for the big ride on Sunday.

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  • Touring mode activated! Just about perfect, only needs brakes that are not canti's. And it won't allow me to backpedal so that needs fixing. Did a two day trip with my girlfriend through all kinds of terrain, including a rare hill climb which was easy enough with the new 34 ring up front and 40 in the back. Although the 40 is still clean.

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  • My sequoia and girlfriend's GT survived 3 weeks of touring. Now it's time for updates.

    • Girlfriend sold road bike and is saving up for a big project. Getting a bikefit done as well, but think something in the direction of Genesis vagabond as project.
    • My Battaglin road bike is neglected. aliexpress bottom bracket is dead, rear hub is almost dead, so it needs general cleaning and service. no motivation for it.
    • I'm pretty content with the setup of the sequoia as it is now. In fact, I'm thinking of making a bit lighter/less touring-mode now I will have less time again. would be cool to do long weekend rides on it. did a 150km ride on it last week, and that felt so nice that I am now building a 200+ route.
  • Bonus photo from touring.

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  • Oh boy

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Rodhusk projects

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