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  • Wait 8 months for a new bike??? Not me, this one is almost finished.


    • crank with 104 bcd to fit my ali n/w
    • better brake levers, need more power
    • grips

    sort of needs:

    • black 26.8 seatpost

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  • Man, this thread keeps getting better and better. Awesome Karakoram, much envy!

  • :)

    Had to sell some bits, parts and possibly the giant mtb to fund the dreamy blue GT. Black stuff to finish it off tomorrow!

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  • consider it done, except for pedals.

    now to make my road bike summer body ready.

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  • Most km's done on this bike out of them all, but it doesn't make me as happy as the rest

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  • Turned out rad! What crank is that?

  • fc-m440! I thought it was gonna be a classic cheapo bulky stone, but it's actually pretty nice. Despite it being heavy the bike as a whole is surprisingly light!

  • Ta! Never seen this model before, added to the list of potential 104BCD square tapers. :)

  • I picked up a cheap basket some time ago that was either going to be for a bike or magazine storage. It ended up being the first, but it did need some chopping.

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  • Of course the GT needed a test ride and what better way than to enjoy sun, dust and premium Dutch #notshitfromabutt, then freeze in a tent to do the same thing next day!

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  • bonus pictures

    I also had 26 conti race kings 2.2 and bars with a bit more sweep come in for the GT. Only one race king left to install, calls for another ride on the GT soon.

    This was my first time doing anything longer than 20km on flat bars, and it was pretty comfortable, better than I thought. The specialized fast traks were pretty nice, but I have no experience with big knobbly tires either so no proper benchmark. I do hope the rcae kings are less slow on smooth pavement, could barely catch up with my girlfriend on her 35c tires.

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  • Oh mate, this is my new favourite thread by far haha. That GT is hella cool! Which part of NL is this if I may ask?

  • way too generous. it's in the north of Drenthe, basically the triangle between Assen, Gieten and Groningen. Best part of NL for sure

  • Awesome, will check out those parts of the country once the lockdowns are over. :)

  • Shit photo, but I replaced my vittoria corsas with gp5000's after a few too many flats. also replaced the shifter hoods as they were completely worn out. roadie is now ready for warmer days.

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  • Switch the Dawes back to canti brakes and going to try out contact speed rubber. Don't need knobs now everything around is sand instead of mud.

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  • Also quite pleased with my flexible noodle into cable hanger bodge.

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  • Update!

    The GT is too small for me, but my girlfriend likes it more than she wants to admit. She can't get on with flat bars so I'm putting drops on it. Not sure if this much flare will fell nice with the tektro levers...

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  • Meanwhile, a good mate has bought the peugeot frame and is now building it up as touring rig for his girlfriend. Since he's building it with in my workspace with my tools, I'd say it fits in the thread.

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  • Uf that Peugeot looks real nice!

  • Agreed. Lovely colour! Wish I was as good at taking pictures of bikes

  • Thanks both! Well well, I just got a new-to-me fujifilm x-e1 which I'm still getting the hang of, but a decent camera is already half the work for bike photos.

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Rodhusk projects

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