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  • Genesis being partly build. Only thing missing/left to buy is a groupset!

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  • Oh yes! Love the kitchen workshop, mine is kinda the same haha.

  • Worst part is that I have an actual workshop somewhere else where I do most of the stuff. But too many parts were gathered in the kitchen so it was easier to bring workshop to kitchen instead of vice versa...

  • Girlfriends daily bike for the city exploded so I built this with stuff from the pile of parts. One grip away from done.

    And now that winter is coming I found myself a new, big project, more on that soon

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  • Somehow, in between helping my girlfriend put together her Genesis Vagabond and helping her brother build a carbon road machine, I've found myself taking on two projects. One big one, and a smaller one, both yellow-ish.

    First on is the Concorde cx I asked about in the CP chat thread. Not sure what to do with it. First I have to figure out if it is my size, so I know if I want to keep it or not. And then, keep it campy? Or try to sell the chorus/veloce groupset and throw a modern group on it? throw the parts from the specialized sequoia on it? That thing was too big for me, and a bad riding position probably destroyed my knees over the summer.

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  • The other project is the big one. I found myself not riding my roadbike unless I wanted to join friends/group rides. The thing was too speedy and a bit too small as well. So with the girlfriend buying her dreamy Genesis Vagabond, I figured I needed some do it all thing as well.

    Alas, I ordered a Brother Cycles Mehteh from Suicyclestore in Hamburg. They said it should arrive somewhere in october, we'll see.
    I've started collecting parts slowly. I'm not going to do anything superfancy to it. Hydro discs are too much dollar for me, so I'm picking up BB7's tomorrow. Rest of the parts I have are the 105 group from the road bike and cheap marketplace finds.

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  • Concorde update: stem is stuck and has already cost me three years of my life trying to get it loose. And the derailleur bolt that goes into the frame has been stripped by previous owner. What a joy.

  • so I'm picking up BB7's tomorrow

    Careful, you'll upset the gravel thread (BB7 fan here)

  • As in, the bolt is rounded so cannot be removed?

  • can't make everyone like it!

  • yep! I think drilling it out, tapping new thread in old bolt and then removing might be the best shot. So much work tho

  • Ah, bummer. Too good to be true bargains often have these side effects...

  • not giving up yet! plus, I already sold the seatpost and saddle, and will throw the shifters, front derailleur, bars and crank on marktplaats later this week. hopefully that will make it break even.

    still think it's weir how the frame looks perfect on the outside, almost no marks or anything, and then the inside seems to be crusty as hell. the thing has probably seen a good cross race or two, but someone forgot their greasing...

  • Still not a lot of updates. Brother Mehteh frame has not arrived but I think it won't take long. Hopefully.

    Most of my energy lately has gone into this project:
    Although not very much bike related I still sprinkle two wheels into it here and there.

    And we finished my girlfriend's vagabond! need to make better photos but this one is from a solo ride she did this week. She's super happy with the thing so now I can't wait for better knees and a bike to build up and ride!

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  • Picked up Cannondale for cheap today. Apparently it's had a life as a bike messenger bike in London before coming this side of the pond. Maybe someone from on here?

    It needs a fair bit of work but I think there's good potential!

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  • Waiting for brake calipers and adapters to finish this! And then wait for my knee to be normal again so I can ride it.

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  • it sort of functions like a bike

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Rodhusk projects

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