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  • First post on this thing after a period of lurking, with special interest for professor @Hulsroy.

    Been tinkering on bikes for a while but it finally clicked at the point where I can succesfuly fiddle with small parts without getting overly frustrated.

    Anyway, here are the most recent projects.
    The Altra has been traded for the Dawes Vision frame, the Altra felt a bit too big. Going to be build up as a CX thingy for a friend now.
    The Nishiki is for the missus, and the Muddy Fox is now a single speed commuter/city bike.

    Please excuse my lack of proper photo's!

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  • Oh, this should arrive next week. Wanted to build a proper mtb for single track wipeouts, found a guy that owns 7 Muddy Fox bikes currently. Hope it's not too big for me, couldn't resist the look of brakes underneath the chainstay.

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  • Lovely stuff mate, looking forward to see how the second Muddy Fox builds up too. :)

  • Strong start

  • You should know about the things you don't see!

    Just picked up some 2" Specialized tires that are bigger and knobblier than anything I have ever had.

  • Hi, very nice functional rides. Welcome 🤗

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  • Great username!

  • Cheers. It's what I imagine my last name would sound like in a cool Scandinavian language.

  • Cool stuff!
    That bike that says "aluminium" doesn't look like aluminium weirdly, tube's proportions look more like steel... What is it?

  • It's a funky version of this bike:­ic.php?f=23&t=364590

    So it's supposed to be bonded aluminium. Maybe someone can teach me more about the fairly unusual lug style?

  • Small update.
    Picked up a classic Raleigh yesterday for free. Didn't have time for photo's or a proper look if it's anything good.
    Also picked up an alu Batavus with cracked headtube that's never gonna get fixed. Prcie was good for parts alone. Pretty much a complete 9 speed 105 groupset, only missing shifters. Also came with seatpost, seat, bars and a hideous stem.

    Another thing for the list is straightening my rear derailleur on the funky Dawes, a small sized tree got jammed in it today. Nice.

    More stuff tomorrow when I go to the workshop.

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  • Please excuse the ugly print with great quote , it was a gift.

  • This was cheap and coming my way. I don't even know what to do with it.

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  • Raleigh freebie. Not worth doing anything fancy with, maybe build it up as a city beater. Seatpost is pretty cool so that might end up somewhere.

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  • I have a time gat between semesters so lots of time to do stuff.

    swapped some parts on the city fox to use on the not-city fox. brake cable are still on the longer side, I know. wanted to swap out wheels as well but the only other set I have turns out to be 135mm spacing instead of 130.

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  • My workplace exploded so I had a good excuse to build extra storage.

    Muddy Fox frame that is supposed to be my mtb came in as well. Might be a little big, but I can always swap components with the commuter fox. Gotta decide whether I go for black truvativ cranks with square taper bb, or hollowtech and silver deore cranks...

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  • Single speed snowplow as all other bikes are not usable right now. Not used to longer rides with straight bars, my wrists and back hurt. So enough to do fit wise, and also adding 9 gears this week possibly.

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  • Frame bag and red chainring are so ugly.

  • So the snowplough fox was fun for a day but now the roads are cleaned I need something practical again. Switched some parts over from small fox to big fox and a little donation from the parts bin and we have a functional and fun commuter again.

    Front brake only for now as I ran out of cables.

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  • This turned up as well. Cheap frame, no rust anywhere but has been resprayed. Rear spacing is 135mm, is this normal for 700c cantilever frames?

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  • Touring and ATB frames yes.

    It might be a 73mm BB as well

  • Wheels turned out to be easy to install anyway.

    Aaah, good shout. Have to measure that.

    Parts wise is all possible, but a 2x9 setup seems most likely with what I have in stock now. It's a size 53 frame so way too small, might be something for either girlfriend or build up and sell.

  • CX thing for a mate coming along nice. Photo and bartape courtesy of said mate.

    I wanted to finish the Mudy Fox mtb version this weekend but the rear wheel did not survive recent shit weather. Seems like the freehub is sticky/toast and as it is a dt swiss 240 I do not have the tools for it. Might have to bring it away or find something else 9 speed worthy...

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  • Following back for muddy fox inspo. Snowplough build looks a lot of fun!

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Rodhusk projects

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